It gets worse before dark; no one is able to see. Humans have finally lost that portion of the brain to know the difference. There is no awareness to distinguish the difference between bodies and objects of the material as the system of management is overloaded with discards.

When an object is stripped and descended the spiral, nothing happens; no feelings, no emotions. When a body is stripped and descended the spiral, nothing happens, no feelings, no emotions.

Unintended consequences means managers and operators are not responsible for human wellbeing. They no longer have what it takes to know. Instead, it's all about material development of the economy. And the system of the spiral manages discards of the material by stripping objective portions of the human aspects.

You see, they are producing material developments but they don't know that they are stripping objective human aspects.

As the country prepares for another election, flashes of promises gleam the memory. Folks no longer faced with the burden of thinking, they simply cannot remember. Now it's all about the self; sounds and colours to appeal to the senses and another populous fix is on the cards.

Distant memories back in the day project clouded objects of being. Folks didn't know much about freedom then yet social order was mutual consciousness. Now they dream much of the old, trying to remember what once was.

Mutual consciousness was collective agreement that folks were trusted to know by awareness of what ought to be the right thing to do. They remember their human experience. Since time pass, this human aspect gave way to individual freedom, some arbitrary. And he/she has more claim over society.

The rise of the individual over society is prompted by freedom and wealth. Well, some powerful individuals became wealthy by force and they have their way. Whether it's unfair or not, the powerful minority can impose their say upon everyone else even in the face of public opinion.

The management of discards adheres to a system of commands. Those with the highest status have more freedom are accorded to gangsters and the rich. Command is extended to government departments and community agencies. Individuals and gangs among political lobbyists rule bureaucratic organisations. Based on their individual freedoms and rights, they exercise own agenda over government policies. Well, they interpret it from an expedienT point of view which is god given right.

And the psycho coercive forces of manipulation, blackmail and extortions run rife in social organisations. At the same time, discards run thick and fast as gangsters rule our modern world. But since they don't have what it takes to know the difference, discards have become invisible.

And fused with passion of power, no one gives a hoot about the government as the PM becomes an easy target of conditions and manipulation. The government in fact is powerless over individuals it cannot deploy any social policy. It's a total annulation of democracy.

Take housing and renting for example; the government has policies in place to address a social crisis, but gangs among individuals and lobby groups have more power to effect material development over social needs. And development means raising the cost of housing and rent beyond affordability of the ordinary folk. And the system of discards accumulate profits at the consequences of accumulating homelessness, the subject of discards in run down ghettos.

You see, we have a so-called democratic system in place, but the nation is ruled from the outside of parliament by manipulating resources including the media. And the people's elected government is invaded and nullified.

Since humans are beyond the threshold of objective realisation, they don't know the social consequences. For example, retired folks may receive $390 a week to live on, but the cost of a one bedroom unit is between $400 and $600 a week. And any further assistanCE from the political gangs running government departments are on recovery basis, they have to pay back the so-called help.

There it seems obvious the system of a spiral trails a strict descend of destruction, first the mind before the social being and the body. The system of a spiral is the management of a dehumanising process from human being to discards of material development.

In my last article I elaborated on adding substance and social value to material development. The transformation of the linear plane to a dynamic being of existence. It is extending the linear unit to its depth and time dimension before integration of feelings and senses. This is validated and filtered by a thinking capacity, a natural process. And the transformed abstract transcends the material to being in the final analysis.

Instead, the modern world of individual freedom and their subjective desires have reigned upon accumulation of human discards. They have reversed the normal process of nature back to front. They appropriated mental and emotional attributes to the linear plane of the material. And the vision is the linear and narrow plane of existence. No objective aspects of being.

Can you recall your memory of human experience if its stored in the material? Can you recall your human experience if the material is discarded down the spiral?

I guess if the old folk has no memory, he/she cannot make sense of retirement in the ghetto where bodies could be seen as discarded objects of the material; no feelings, no emotions, nothing happens.

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