You know the secrets of ancient civilisations have gradually revealed advance technology and peaceful organisations. All we heard of at school is the West and its material civilisation, nothing about others.

Our human history is marked by atrocious periods of genocide where innocent peoples were slaughtered to make examples of power and maintain the rule. The Christians, the Jews and perhaps the Persians before then. They are remembered as we approach what I consider the greatest uncertainty of our time.

There is no hiding the fact that the material means of sustaining the lifestyle of the rulers are becoming extinct along with our world. But we have also heard warning shots from the right wing capitalists among materialists that the end of an era could turn ugly.

Has human learned from the past or have they really thinned that portion of the brain to reason for a better outcome?

Any person who is beautiful, innocent and considerate is an instant object of malice, hatred and white terrorism. This is true in a state of power hunger amidst the current environment of hopeful peace and environmentalism.

This clean and green movement is emerging to take over and as a result, the right wing opposition are desperate they will throw the kitchen sink at someone. The right wing power tool is its private media. How much longer can the private sector and its media hold out the inevitable has to be temporary.

For this brief period, we have to expect this reactionary in the US election and our own. I know what been threatened and told to leave the country is like; it's a desperate response from a right wing camp.

At the same time, they still make racist and filthy remarks for intelligence. It's better not to waste time talking and going down that low. While depletion is the result of a material system, these people will continue to blame us for it.

Anyway, this shouldn't discourage us from doing good and strive for what is right. The fact that they are reacting is a good sign we are not only succeeding but also effective in making positive changes. So, we have better things to do.

Sure they have the means of production to manipulate domination, but after CGT and Kiwibuild, might as well nullify the electoral system and Democracy. The debate is somewhat held in parliament but the personal abuse is dished out by the media.

And before you could say boo, you are already hacked by the kitchen sink!

When the race card is dealt, the patriotic flag is raised. And no matter how the US and UK would have nothing to do with FTA, the right wing would jump like a puppy dog for Trump. At the same time, China came in to be the biggest FTA market and still doesn't earn the same respect. That is why its not about health, welfare and wellbeing. It's about power and domination.

So why don't these right wing fanatics go to US and may be on a rocket to Mars and have a planet of their own. They would have plenty to exploit and dictate.

Come to think of it, material capitalism is a virus, they would soon run out of resources and would be looking somewhere else to feed their addiction.

And like I said that they no longer have that modest portion of the brain to be dynamic in perception or at least form a rational argument that is not personal and abusive, it's just a waste of time.


There is a sign. We know coffee no longer smells like coffee, chicken don't smell like anything. But why do wee keep buying the stuff and eating it when we are not hungry. It's bloody contagious I tell ya. We better do something before its too late.

The media makes argument about blaming someone. They pinpoint someone out to blame. They blame someone from the Labour Party for improving the lives of citizens, or safekeeping the environment.

You see, the private sector party before then impoverish the less well-off and made them homeless. The Labour Party came in and help them out and guess what, the media blame them for the less well-off and having no homes. Meantime, the private landlords along with corporate capitalists continue to inflate the cost of renting. And you guessed it, the media talks about how much the landlords made instead of how many children living in cars. And for that, the Labour Part cobs it.

You know, the media have special advocates to call upon for support in proliferation of propaganda.

You know the discovery about curing asthma, no its not lowering carbon fuel production. It is combining inhaler 1 and inhaler 2.

And Walla, we discover enhaoler1n2. I bet ya those guys don't even believe in inhaler. Instead they are tied by pharmaceutical bonuses and political sanctions. Yes, not ethical sanctions but political ones.

Even good doctors or those who used to be good obey the rule, submissive and be stupid. Either that or no job.

So between now and the next election, it is going to be a long period of psychological depression. The vulnerable among the men folk may not be able to cope with the stress of psychological propaganda from feminism, from the private sector and its powerful media and from the public service; it's just going to be haywire.

It is the right time to watch videos and documentaries about Sumerians and ancient civilisations. You will soon learn how to perceive reality from your mind's eye.

Good Luck!