I remember a story when I was little, a man carrying a heavy load from the plantation on a hot sunny day. He was so tired he let his load down to rest. Sitting down he thought life was too hard and he wished he was dead.

No sooner than he thought, he looked up and saw a skeleton figure with a machete heading towards him. Without a thought the man forgot all about his struggles, jumped up and ran away. Despite my own fear of the skeleton, I had to laugh.

Fear may be a powerful motivator but may also leave crippling consequences. However, if fear was ineffective, the man would probably welcome the skeleton.

Is fear a security for the protection of values? Does fear have a natural relationship with values? Is that why punishment serves to instil fear therefore protection of what we value?

In those days, people value their lives with ultimate respects they would defend it to death. Umnn, there is a lapse of thought in there when the end result is a counter by its very means. However, the law on self-defence may validate this, but still no value.

Today, it is proposed to die with dignity when life is a struggle from incurable disease. I argued that the man who wished he died also struggled from his burden in life that was not changing anytime soon.

So it seems your position in serving the social organisation of the economy may influence your values. And for those who struggle seem to respect life more.

March 15 marks a terrorist attack in New Zealand where some 50 innocent people lost their lives from a right wing attack. The workers party made an effort to address victims families and by making laws to gun laws.

'The leader of the National party stated that New Zealanders didn't care. "But this week, as we prepare to mark the six-month anniversary of those horrible attacks, National Party leader Simon Bridges has said the Christchurch Call does not matter to "everyday New Zealanders"'. Stuff News

Well, we know the National party is the party of business owners and corporate companies associated with the rich. Labour, the workers party is about health and welfare of workers and their families.

A distinction drawn from the above divide follows if you are struggling to make ends meet, you are more likely to value life. And if you are rich, you are more likely to not care about life.

Now, if you draw an aspect of fear in the mix, it's likely that workers are more fearful of life respects values to protect it. National among the rich don't care so much and a life loss may not mean a thing.

If so, then the Euthanasia Bill may be aiming at the rich!

That is not the point. Life is a universal value whether you are Muslim, Maori, Pasefika or Pakeha. This universal bind is the stable bind of life. Place it on a slippery slope and it will slide away.

Values are ideas some pure stored in your mind. The struggle is a practice serving to sanction life. Your experience becomes knowledge and wisdom. Without struggle, you are likely to lose the practical service of your experience to benefit your mind.

You see, there is also a distinction between genuine practical experience of life struggles and experience without struggle. The former is objective; the latter is more abstract. Considering my definition of Objective that is lacking the elements of harm and destruction, experience without struggle is abstract ideas.

And the slippery slope is in fact offset by the mind. The natural process of life struggles accumulate knowledge for the worker who maintains an objective mind. The opposite is obviously witnessed by the right wing parties of the political spectrum that have proceeded to appropriate an Euthanasia Bill targeting their population, but at the same time don't care so much about others who may be different from them. Shall we say the Euthanasia Bill is only related to the rich?

The need for struggle gives rise to the appreciation of what we do and who we are. There is probably no value in what one gets without a struggle. And this reminds us of values sanctioning life that we struggle to maintain.

The social position in the organisation of the economy or society determines ones ideas and beliefs. At the same time, values and beliefs sanction life. Struggles sharpen the objective mind to uphold life, without struggles, subjective ideas blunt the abstract mind to slide.

Gaining without struggle is probably profitable, but without life experience is somewhat unstable. Gaining what you earn has holistic value in the maintenance of life.

Are we prepared to die for material profit? In the hands of the rich and powerful, those who don't care about life especially of those who are different from them are known to have committed atrocious crimes against defenceless citizens.

And we have serious reasons to be concerned when wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a breakaway right wing tradition. Could that be the skeleton in our midst!