One society; two economic systems; one system for the rich and another for the poor.

Soon, the brain would not be able to catch up with the machine and so we're left behind, may be for good along with so called choice and democracy. This has always been the problem with the material logic of Capitalism. It seeks to make profit by exploitation of human.

A system of organisation could be working well for humans, but if it wasn't making enough profit for the business and corporation, then it has to be reformed. And we are familiar with developmental stages of progress from the old to the new and transition before establishment. By reformation, resources are rearranged while some folks are made redundant for maximum extraction of profit.

And by losing their jobs folks couldn't support their families where escalation follows families reduced to single parents and fatherless children.

Housing had relatively provided stable homes for some families, but was not providing enough profit for landlords and corporations. So the private sector reformed private housing to increase its profit at the expense of throwing out a lot of families with children on the street. These families are now housed and bringing up their children in motels. Shall we shorten Motel Generation to Mogen?

And you would begin to see that there is not one economy for all of society but two. The capitalism material economy establishes material developments for the benefit of landlords and capitalists in the private sector. This economy is braced by right wing political parties such as National and Act.

Now when the machine has learned reformations in times of flat growth, it would start raising the cost of living including housing at the consequences of Poverty, homelessness, and Mogen children with no fathers. What fatherless children do at school or at home is fostering an abnormal social consequence to reap in the future.

Since the last National government, we have witnessed an economic boom for the private sector, the same time an economic bust for the public sector.

Since Labour came into office, it attempted to correct social consequences of a capitalism material development by restoring public ownership of resources including organisation and infrastructure. But the hold of the private sector on housing has proven a challenge, Labour needed a bit more time to correct the deviated housing market.

Labour's social developments not only address social inequities but also offset fiscal benefits to the private sector. While Labour's economic system is social capitalism, the material development is a means to achieve a social end. This is unlike the capitalism material economy of the right wing parties where material development is an end in itself.

So, society is not organised by a one economic system in place but by two economic systems; material capital and social capital.

When right wing parties partake on material development during their tenure in office, they leave behind the social consequences for the next government to inherit. And the two or three terms is wasted on making good of the consequences.

And the system is conduced to a deviated strand; the right wing government transfers wealth and resources to conduct material developments for the private sector at the expense of accumulating social consequences on the public sector. A left wing government would waste at least its first and second terms in office trying to correct the deviated social consequences. Thus developments for the public sector are delayed until at least the third term.

But now, we have learned that when the right wing parties are in office, it is time to prepare for such issues as Poverty, Homelessness, single parents and fatherless children.

Now when we have commentators sharing their knowledge of the economy, these are usually financial managements among business owners and accountants. They all refer to the capitalist material economy. When they talk about the social consequences of material developments, they get a little personal and blame the individual for systemic neglect.

When folks in the front line of social consequences share their findings, it is about social capital, the people and injustice.

Today, you don't have to travel on the highway to avoid a big truck and trailer from intimidating you off the road, it is happening right in the heart of your neighbourhood. Every corner you turn, there's a queue of cars behind an oversize truck. And they are carrying container loads of goods to the supermarket.

Now in those containers, most goodies have a certain amount of sugar to satisfy our fix. The capitalist material system would ensure the supply of sugar to maintain demand and make more profit. But the social capitalist system may argue against sugar in food. If sugar is banned like a toxic chemical, there would be fewer trucks on the road. That's less congestion, less pollution, less addiction and diabetes.

That is why the machine has to have a social function in serving humans away from itself. Rather than temporary stimulus for profit at the consequences of road congestion, addiction, obesity and diabetes; a continuum for stability and long life of the organisation can also save a lot of money for the organisation.

Anyway, who needs brains when we are too obese to do anything?

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