The Duo GPS Cams, 1080 HD front and rear come with options of;

Both cams have wide views of the road front and back and hold clarity at high resolution.

The video format is .mp4 and images .jpg

A premium feature is its own WI-FI connection to your iPhone for movies and images download. It's easy enough to operate and you don't have to have an account to use the WI-FI - it's free.

The Battery Pack saves your vehicle battery from draining when automatically switching to Parking mode on both cams. Once the battery is installed and switch on, you can forget it's there. This is activated by movement and noise.

The front cam is mounted behind the rear vision mirror out of the way. The rear cam inside the back window and discreet.

While it maintains clarity at high resolution, it doesn't have the clarity of 4K and loses a bit of sharp edge at about 500 X 300 resolution. Still clear enough for investigation purposes.

The camera mounts are static; you cannot change the position of the camera when you are parking and only incidents directly in front and back are recorded. I probably would like to face the camera towards the doors when people are walking by or parking next to your car.

I think it's slightly overpriced for its video clarity and flexibility. Still it's a good purchase for its Wi-Fi and simple operation. The price is destined to come down as it becomes popular, also when people opt for the crisp clarity of 4K.

Watch for Tech Cowboys

I had a Stereo and Reverse Cam bought and installed at Crazy Systems. Either the technician didn't think much of me as he didn't show me or gave a manual on how the stereo works. He also failed to restore the steering wheel buttons which were working before installation not working after installation. His manager tried to blindsight me with technological krap. Either they are racists or engaged in dodgy jobs.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †