WAR IN THE MIND 05/04/21

We say the identity is formed by values and beliefs of upbringing. Some of which are ancient traditions we kept sacred with constant ideas that are materialised by feelings and emotions of our everyday life.

But the ancient tradition of ideas and way of life is confronted by a generation of modern individuals and progressive developments.

If you look back in time, humans among nations are defined by authoritative standards. It's a hierarchy of military standards of men and women living a life stretched as far back as WW1.

For some of us we are wondering how it could have been without war and Colonisation! While we were born into our own native culture and language, wars and colonisation have forced us to relearn new ways of a so-called new world. It arrived with a package of new religion, diseases, culture and language.

So we are reminded of how fortunate we are in a new world! We owe it to those who fought world wars for the right to colonise, exploit and impose consumerism upon us. We are also reminded of the consequences should we deviate from the rule.

Considering the presence of a dominant military authority, history had implanted an aspect of survival in the identity. We have to learn how to fight and defend the institute. And the basic principle is clearly to kill the enemy or be killed.

And this principle is universalised by conditional awareness. To maintain dominance is simply bombard the intended enemy to ashes. There is conflict and war everywhere for the right to rule a people and impose a self-serving system in place. This is reinforced by the accumulation of weapons to warn the opposition of power to nuke an enemy or competitor at will.

This is backed by anyone who speaks the macho aggro language of war. He/she is familiar with such terms as bullyism, condescending, emotive and hostile. However, this language is sexy to the ears of right wing followers and unfortunately to some ex-military service men and women.

And so the basic universal principle of war is not only in the identity, but the practised of ideas has developed it a strand in the DNA. The practice is associated with activities of right wing nationalist followers. There could be a war strand in their DNA.

Considering that some of us through the generations have surpassed our own traditional expectations to modern standards, instead of killing off the ancient enemy, we are now in the modern paradigm of learnig how to live with different groups including the warmongers.

From the generations of a paradigm, we have managed to materialise the space in time by transformation from the old to the new. It follows that when the original DNA strand is defective and mutated, the new strand is weaker of its original elements. So when energy supply is terminated to the defective one that it continues to mutate until it's completely terminated.

From here it suggests that mutation is a sign of weakening the original strand therefore changing its form for survival. The good news is the original strand is spinning out, but mutations could develop into a major strand.

That is why for a new generation is brought up on new ideas suitable for their new environment that growth is natural. So for transformation to occur, a newer objective development takes over from the defective original. Thus the process of materialising space is to prepare for an objective replacement ready to take over before the defective mutation does.

Again, it may suggest not only having a new positive strand ready to take over from the defective one, but also explains the imitation process hopefully targets the positive and objective one.

Obviously, we cannot live according to ancient traditions that are environmentally unsuitable and have become static therefore out of time. Accordingly, history of war and personal relations to such lifestyles will come to pass. Original strands mutate and are starved off supply while new ones are supported by modern environments.

May be virus and defection developments are nature's way of warning us that what we do or eat is not suitable for the environment. It must be true therefore that DNA strands shall be the new norm of viruses but at the same time, a new wave of thinking needs to stop supplying energy to the defective mutations. That means we need to adapt very quickly to the needs and demands of the modern environment such as climate change, healthy eating and positive thinking.

Supposing for an active member of the military service to think of war may be normal, but in the modern environment of diversity, it's contradictory. The valid way is for the military service to involve in volunteering for development of third world countries and rescue mission.

We also attempt to stamp out violence in the modern world, but there might be a strand in the DNA for war as a value.

And finally, how does imitation target the positive strand is from the defective one is a wonder according to me. However, I did say somewhere earlier post covid-19 that thinking has a lot to do with what we do to survive; what we put in our bodies, the outcome and impact on health and wellbeing.

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