BEING vs ENTITY 09/08/21

I have referred to being as human with a mind, heart and spirit existing in the social world. The function of the heart, mind and spirit is quantified by objective activities of society. The use of feelings and emotions filtered by the heart and mental reason is a holistic process producing objective outcomes. And this distinguished social beings from creatures among entities.

Some have argued that animals have feelings and souls. May be so, but apart from maternal instincts of nurture and self-preservation according to me, animals are led by their material instincts more than any emotions or rational thinking. It is the frequency of activities for example of feeding habits that feeling hungry is associated with such activities.

And this is it; the photo memory of the location of food is associated with feelings of hunger and images of food. So you might have triggers or symbols such as kitchen, garden, or rubbish to remind the creature where the food is. On its way to the kitchen or garden, the creature sees another creature heading to where the food is. And immediately, a fight breaks out for who shall have the right to the kitchen or garden and rubbish. As usual, the big guy always wins and the small guy lives in poverty and starves to death.

The big guys never feel sorry for the small guy, or have any feelings of remorse or guilt after the fight; it's more like a feeling of relief that the competitor is kaput and desires more tasty! These creatures do not exercise rational thoughts resulting with objective outcomes. And that is a dark world devoid of spirit.

So, say a person is a human being and he/she is addicted to candy. The selfish desire for candy is so strong, the person perceives kitchens and confectionaries in unlikely locations. And the image of the perception manipulates the mind that the the image comes alive and assumes the persons material self. The person's self is the entity.

Entity is something that exists independently. An algorithm may collect data to form an image and image represents whatever idea it is programmed to achieve. It is a digital entity.

Here's a group of people who meet to satisfy their desires in investment on housing for example. They are people like you and me but their coming together to invest is independent of who they are as people. Their organisation is referred to as corporate entity. I have also referred to this organisation as aggregation.

Now, the entity like the creature is a single unit function that is usually selfish in nature. The addict's task is to obtain the object of his/her desire in whatever means necessary. The entity may have a higher function in mental reasoning, but it's all self-serving. It doesn't have what it takes to feel sympathy or compassion about anyone else. As long as the target is met, that's all it matters. And this too is not a spirit for it is also dark.

And in light of all that, the spirit is self-explanatory. If your heart is hooked on material desires, it may not feel beyond yourself. Instead it accumulates all that can be achieved for the benefit of oneself. But like the big creature, the way of getting there is not only selfish and brutal but not necessarily legal either.

Emotions and feelings filtered by the heart and mind have considerate purposes exemplified by principles of love and compassion for other humans. You are not going to eat all the candy to yourself, but you could replace the candy with a healthy choice for others.

The most common demonstration of the spirit emerges in times of grief as a result of natural disaster or a phenomenal pandemic like covid-19. Some people are desperate to save themselves, but others are exercising nationalistic instincts for their own self-preservation. But the shared grief has shown generosity in other nations to help out those humans in need. Shining from the dark is like the enemy has come to your rescue!

You see, objectivism contributes to the stable organisation of society. It is not harmful but measures the balance between the heart and mind. I am conservative to allow such a beautiful concept in the animal world among entities.

Be is existent; being is existent in the present, independently. So it alleges the entity is autonomous and separated from its host. But it challenges the definition because the digital entity is programmed and the program is subject to change. Then the addict's perception animates the view of reality, the image becomes alive and assume the life of the self. The entity based on the phenomenal perception may protect oneself from liability if can be proven.

However, social being is a person with a heart, mind and spirit. When the spirit is shining that the objective qualities of the heart are present.

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