WHY it's IMPORTANT to KNOW the TRUTH 13/08/21

I was a conservative in the preservation of human life. Now, conservatism is protection of property and human life is subjected to mercy killing. Where is our human civilisation heading must surely be the result of knowledge evolution. But our knowledge in the modern is an accumulation of material desires. These ambitious wishes and dreams sharpen feelings and senses to heighten instincts. It is then the image of the object of desire has power over reason and thoughts to transform us into entities.

So if the object of desire is ideological power, then the transformation is a political entity. I associate the term transformation with an objective outcome and transmutation with a deviation. It's therefore fair to say that human has deviated from natural growth and transmuted to political entity. Since we are now property of media corporations, would that protect our lives from destruction?

It depends on performance and used by date, but the idea of political entity is associated with psycho power; the ultimate heightening of feelings and senses. And the perception through shades of darkness is lacking objective outcomes typical of rational thought.

These developments are replicated and stored in the gene to pass on to the future. The future must therefore foresees a complete transmutation of a psycho entity. Sounds like something between an animal and a robot.

Well I remember saying that human will end up back on the ground on all four. It has totally painted the idea of political entity a dark and negative aspect of power. But really, the destruction of our families, our homes, society and our planet is a singlehanded achievement by political power.

From the top of my head, political power is a force. It is having others do what one with political power wants. But this is wholly between sectors, or countries. It is power to separate and maintain the divide between people, race, culture, religion, gender, class and so on.

Some people just don't want to mix and socialise with others. And social classes is separation not only of ideas, but also of fashion and designs demonstrating a commercial value of lifestyles. Status.

And this highlighted the celebrated day of political entity on General Election day. It's the day a decision is made which sector must rule and decide decisions for society, usually in their favour.

And I must say in the last few years, thank God for the sitting government that we among the poor are slightly better off than had it been for another government to rule especially during covid-19 pandemic.

And the whole of life is now in the centre of politics. But to participate, one has to be able to cope with powerful entities in the nature of heightened instincts in shades of darkness. Not only members of parliament are threatened with their lives, supporters and followers are harassed and persecuted.

If you are an activist for a party, you are a protagonist for your favourite one and an antagonist or adversary for the opposition. The protagonists for the government are profiled by the opposition since they own media resources and demonise them with filth to undermine their claims. That's basically assassinating a character. And these are the types of activities we have known to be associated with power politics.

We can try to protect our minds and stop feeding addiction, but it's not getting any less scary. Covert operations is also propaganda of information to influence opinion and therefore the vote. A bogus publican makes a complaint about a service that results with harm especially on a woman or child. While this attracts gullible followers, it opens the door for the opposition not only to question and bring into disrepute the policy responsible for the service, but also to shame the minister who manages it. As I was saying earlier you can recognise a spin written by a political entity.

Similarly, false flag is like setting up someone for blame. The culprit party commits the crime in a way that it looks like the opposition could have done it, then blame them for it.

The above are military terms from US communications, but are nonetheless related to local general politics.

As to whereabouts of coronavirus is slowly appearing less blurry. I think the next big covert operation - well, I saw it somewhere - is the Aliens! Trump might raise arms domination to prepare for defence of US from any threat whether its ideology or trade. And of course this transmits codes and symbols to political fanatics and right wing support for a vote.

It bears a similar approach by local right wing parties to have individual rights to own arms and impose more and heavy punishment for crime.

So how can one holds it all together under compelling force of political entity is a reminder of his/her belief and what he/she stands for. I know under the spell of death threats and harassments is real fear. And I don't blame anyone for giving up as some of so-called operations are in fact real.

However, you know there are a lot of people looking up for inspiration and stability in times of need. We can only do our best to uphold the truth, and hope is a practical objective. It's an auto pilot guiding us through shades of darkness.

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