A Mystery16/02/21

Is the presence of struggles the necessary condition for seeing beyond? If positive good ideas are input in the filtering process, do they have the properties to generate a super gene! Is the super gene likely to emerge from struggles?

I am probably one of the people who publicly transmitted the term Nothingness. I can tell you that Nothingness as applied in My Social Relations is not a general pessimistic or negative term.

Derived from the Book of Genesis, 'Nothingness' is a place before the creation of everything. It was plain and dark in the physical world.

Say we are born with one perspective of seeing the physical world that we call reality. We journey through life interpreting our physical condition of experience, but a limited perspective of our success and struggles from a one dimensional view that is linear to the material.

As we journey through time, we become aged. The perspective starts to fade until it no longer functions and we are left in the dark. The journey of the physical perspective ends here for some in the state of Nothingness where the reality of our world is plain.

However, as we journey through our physical time, the senses collect data from the physical world. And this data is filtered through the mind by ideas and thoughts. Data collected from the physical world is secondary; the mind itself creates its own pure or principle ideas. The mind interprets the data and filter them into categories for action.

So the mode of thinking determines the behaviour according to the idea. As we journey through time and the physical perspective collects data, is filtered into ideas responsible for the development of another perspective which adds meaning and purpose to the linear single dimension.

And when we become aged and the physical perspective begins to fade, the dynamic perspective kicks into place and takes over. At the same time, our view of the world is no longer plain and dark in Nothingness, but Creational with meaning and purpose.

You not only see the physical condition, but this time it has meaning and purpose. From Nothingness to Creation, we see layers of reality both physical and the metaphorical in their meaningful purposes.

In the maintenance of our physical condition, the body is maintained by the thought process before dispatching into action. We are engaged in output behaviour of healthy diet and exercise to provide a supply of nutrients for the maintenance of our body including the brain, the nerves and cells.

In here is a mystery in the function of nutrients in the maintenance of the senses and formation of perspectives. We know the thought process filters ideas in the thinking mode, but how is this idea written into the gene is a mystery.

I have previously claimed that our behaviour is influenced by our thoughts. So if we are motivated by ideas of health, then we tend to exercise, workout and eat healthy food in our behaviour. Whether the thought process programs nutrients to replicate and program a function for cells I don't know. What we know is inherited gene passes on linear traits of kingship.

So I'm convinced that we can prevent many unhealthy habits leading to ill health and bad behaviour by practising principle thoughts. This is the filter that develops healthy and positive behaviour.

However, the thought process is indiscriminate of the idea behind the dominant behaviour. For example, an addict may not have to think of ideas when most of his/her time is engaged in the object of one's addiction. In this case, the thought process keeps on supplying the nutrients and cells to feed that addiction.

Following from the above, the initial step for positive change of behaviour rests on action. Thoughts refer to principle and positive ideas; instincts refer to heightened feelings associated with addiction. Instincts are dominant over thoughts but consistent practice may lead to reverse their effect.

Having a general perspective of the physical world functions in a single dimension, and when the single dimension becomes dominant, it overwhelms the function of the dynamic thought process. Obviously, the thought process is not able to distinguish a positive or moral status of the data. This is sorted before input in the conscious filter.

We can have either positive good ideas or unproductive bad ones. But for material reasons of our secular economy, the material perspective is encouraged and promoted to establish a class structure of lifestyles.

There's no hiding the fact that conservatives among the right wing sector have more shares of wealth and resources and obviously have less representations in hospitals and prisons. The lower socio-economic sector on the other hand is over represented in communal disease and criminal behaviour. This sector have less share of wealth to maintain healthy diet and healthy lifestyles.

That is why the gene development for the lower socio-economic sector who are targeted consumers inherits traits of addiction and illness through the generation. This genetic development is encouraged by a limited view of a narrow perspective, and failing to understand the issues of our physical condition. This is strategically designed to prompt the social structure.

To really help achieve a positive society is to liberate consumers among ethnic minority groups and lower socio-economic sectors. It requires equity and dismantling the social structure. But this will take us back to square one once again. Capitalists among landlords as we speak would be worrying more about their dominant position in the economy even if the economy was booming. That is a flat, one dimensional view of reality. The mystery however is programming and delivering the dynamic perspective to our material world.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †