I have a targeted audience in the ESL population because at least I have some idea of the view from another culture of the predominant one. The media delivers the news mainly for this mainstream culture. But small details can make a big difference in understanding this gap. Talking pass cultures is not oversimplifying but can be a common understanding.

This is important especially during the pandemic. It doesn't help my audience when the media have half a dozen views of any one thing. While the availability of different views help the individual to choose, the complex collection of different views gives rise to indecisions and doubts especially when views are miles apart hearsay. And this feeds myths and adds to conspiracy theories.

Let me say the jab may provide an anti-vaccine for the flu and other similar viruses.

So, from inside a closed-knit small culture, usually the people look up to a leader. And whatever the leader suggests, people follow. But when these individuals are free to make up their own minds from what's available on the mainstream media, not only they have to break down information but also digest it.

In so doing, they are attracted to social media for further information. But then their instincts kick in, they are vulnerable and misled by fake news and wannabes with a lot of political propaganda.

And before you know it, we have waves of opinions about the virus and not necessarily the virus itself. We are exposed to publicised news of vaccines with extra opinions on their effectiveness, and sometimes without data of proof.

Having said that, there are also quality articles about sharing experience which provide insight to knowledge, but also there are other items mainly of personal agenda and political fabrication. And we are not surprised to witness an antagonistic group against someone.

It's not representing a group's view, but at the same time without an anchor for decision, people are left to the mercy of political agenda and sometimes racist attitudes.

So, protecting a people from coronavirus pays to have an objective perspective and to keep safe from those political propaganda.

Yes, we do have media targeting sectors of cultural population. Pacific groups have different programs for different age groups and language abilities. For example, New Zealand born are fluent in English but let's say they are not so fluent in the language of their ethnic culture. The opposite is true of those born outside New Zealand.

We have a middle sector where individuals can hold a conversation using both language. But when we have a New Zealand born (insiders) delivering views and opinions for those born outside (outsiders), talking pass the New Zealand and Pacific culture is bridged by a common understanding.

If you have seen the 'Laughing Samoans', you are witnessing how words are spoken and expressed between the middle sector of insiders and outsiders. It's funny and entertaining if you understand both worlds where one group is completely misunderstood by the other. I guess they deliver a service of breaking information and make light of any barriers between the groups.

To add, when you make a mistake, people will always remember you for the mistake. So making a mistake can help remember especially from an outsider. But from another culture, you are subjected to abuse and demonisation. That is why it helps make a funny mistake at least the reader would be entertained rather than criticism.

So when you go to work and receive instructions in English from an insider and you keep on saying pardon, they would probably replace you with an insider. But when most of the workforce are outsiders targeting the ethnic representation of clients, then you have a dilemma.

The mainstream culture prioritises economic activities over people. To maintain a client base, the employer must use the middle sector as a bridge. While the employer uses an insider to communicate information such as instructions, he/she has to be fluent in English but advanced in a Pacific language.

It is learning about culture both from inside and outside experience. So on meeting an insider and you crack a joke to break the ice, but somehow the joke is rude to the insider, the whole exchange turns to custard. But if you share a common understanding, you could be saved from embarrassment.

There are more challenges in learning a new culture. You might want to learn a new culture, but the person you are learning from always criticises you to the point of beating you up! Or from the communicator who uses her/his position to take advantage of you for some political agenda.

The Wave is a closer look at the reality of diverse cultures of our society. Often the mainstream media needs a breakdown of technical and scientific information, while targeted media for ethnic groups is manipulated by political agenda.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †