The basis of reality is founded upon principle thought that is practised and experienced; contributes to the formation of the gene. It's not like I think therefore I exist, but a bit like we are what we have thought.

Through practice, principle ideas transformed from their subjective nature to solid objective. There is that objective nature about principle ideas that are not harmful and destructive but rather positive towards life and productive towards its maintenance.

The above is the foundation of the economy. However, the ancient school inserted the ethnic aspect to output supremacy, autocracy and structural maintenance in the struggle for power.

Some well-intended ideas have been misconstrued to produce an adverse outcome against an opposition or competitor.

And in so doing, the principle thought is repressed to a subjective idea. And the subjective idea of superior over others becomes part of the ID; consciously practised in reality. It is the maintenance of the social relations of the economy that prompts the social structure of society.

That means, the struggle for power, racism, violence and economic status are inherent of the economic system in place. It is in the gene maintained by the ID and practised in reality.

That's how it was and still is although it's not running to its full capacity. Well, wars are still fought for the right to rule; populations are suppressed for control and deprived from economic share. There is Poverty, Famine and Homelessness among the poor. At the same time, there's enough food to feed the whole world over.

So the problem is not so much of economic, but power to rule. The most powerful person in the world is always a man, he's big, macho and often possesses some form of super power. We say America is big because it has nuclear power and money to do whatever it wants.

We say it's human nature to make mistakes, but these mistakes are discriminating and downgraded abuse. If so, then human nature itself is not natural but a manmade or learned behaviour. It was the subjective idea added to the ID to maintain that superior macho image.

Notice how some big personalities always get away with the 'human nature' cliché!

It is claimed by US patriots that Guns make up the American ID. We know it's difficult to define an objective purpose for guns other than to harm. Well apart from school attacks, the police are using guns to minimise the black population. Even if it's used to kill an assailant, it is still subjective. It would be great however if it saves a life without firing it! But you see, the gun problem is a human error, and a learned behaviour.

Simply put, change your mind and change your behaviour. It's time for the big macho hero to become like any of us ordinary folks. And this change is inevitable despite the rich and powerful effort to create fake news and mislead us.

For as long as humans are born and brought up in families, there is a good chance for change. And this has already started as tribal rulers of ethnic struggles is aged, more young people are making up new leaders who are aware of our reality.

The economy is a means to an end when wealth and resources are deployed by the rich to control the poor. So when the mean of maintaining struggles are depleted, what's to become of us? Corvid-19?

I wanted to follow China's transition from Communism to Western Capitalism, and though that the consumer population may opt for the old way as true followers of a tradition. Instead, opening up the market and new found freedom in choices found favour among the people.

I haven't seen or witnessed any ill intent from President Xi Jinping towards anyone or other nations, but all I hear is a lot of negative claims against China. I have to say that the eight years Xi Jinping's reign had transformed the Pacific island nations more than they could ever wish under Western administration.

I know China achieved social change in changing the lives of some folks in poverty. China had also placed Education above its economic development and had served its advanced progress to become the biggest economy in the world. Yet, we don't see any big heroes, or idolised images. All we hear is propaganda from the West.

Because the West had deployed the Economy as a means to control therefore rule, it perceives China's economic rise as a threat. It's an unfound fear when paranoia feeds the ideology against an old foe.

With Climate Change, extinction and depletion added to the ancient struggle to rule, we don't have a choice. It is time to purify the ID let nature renew its cause. It is the principle idea that is practised and experienced which, forms the gene. The younger generations have witnessed war, violence, decimation and none of it is there doing. But the experience has realised the need for change, a principle idea.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †