First of all, what comes to mind when the word criminal is mentioned?

Following from Christchurch 15/3/19, the axe attack at the Beehive proves the failure of security in high profile sites.

The problem is colonised attitude we have taken for granted that crime is more than likely to be committed by non-European people.

In here, frontline security exercises his/her discretion to keep an eye out for the non-European suspicious looking bloke, the same time the European suspect walks right in unnoticed. Notice how perception can deceive!

Security agencies are owned and operated by mainly ex-cops and military personnel, so that criminal or enemy type of mentality is inherent.

While they may be doing their job, the attitude is reinforced by the fact that when a crime is committed by a non-European, it is considered by media report as serious and deserving of harsh punishment. But when a crime is committed by a European, it is looked upon with sympathetic eyes and treated as not serious or not intended. Well they may have money to hire good lawyers to get away with, but unlike non-European who mainly plead guilty to get over and done with.

There are more non-Europeans in prison and probably related with stereotyped association with ethnicity, kinship and being at the right place at the wrong time than direct criminal involvement.

However, this attitude is escalated down the ranks. For example, a European guard walks pass and doesn't lock the gate. Everyone knows but no one notice anything wrong. A non-European guard walks pass and doesn't lock the gate just as the European guard did. Everyone knows but only this time, they all point out a breach. The non-European guard did not lock the gate. After a few times, the non-European guard had enough and quit his job.

He is being coerced out of his job and should he stay must learn to grow thick skin on his way to become the subject of bullies. The strange thing is, those escalating the attitude are non-other than non-European staff. Just how deep this colonised attitude is infused in the colonised gene that native had imposed the attitude upon their own kind is ironic.

The European colonised the native, the native colonised themselves.

Security is a dynamic and progressive operation keeping in tune with social progress of time and place. Static old hands need to be replaced if cannot unlearned and relearned behaviour.

Security is considered among the lowest paid jobs, it's often used by police and military prospective candidates as a stepping stone. Considering the frontline work especially at night time, a risk to safety, security also have to set and reset alarms of all different types.

There is that element of crime, but also of technical operations of alarms. And perhaps the most important of all is the security's own safety.

In the beginning of this article, I asked what comes to mind when the word criminal is mentioned. The police and military guys are out to get the criminal, the same time the criminal is out to shirk the police. Granted that this exercise does not prompt the social structure of society such that Europeans at the top echelons and non-Europeans at Poverty or lower socio-economic classes, I am claiming that the best candidates for security jobs are reformed criminals.

These guys know their way around in the dark, can avoid the police and can deal with technical issues. However, this is highly unlikely according to PC and feminist attitude. It is because they believe people don't change. But we have learned that this belief is more ideological and political than practical. It is appropriate behaviour according to class basis. The upper echelons get away with crime; the lower classes are guilty before proven innocent. And for this, I agree, the law must be changed to allow rehabilitation and provide chances for people to get out of Poverty and help themselves. Did you know that some of those guys who have committed the most acts of terror are well respected guys without previous criminal offenses?

So, having said, I am having a difficult time at my new job trying to adjust to the competitive nature of work. To be precise, a mobile patrol does the run on patrolling and checking sites to ensure they are secure. But during the course of mobile patrolling, alarm activation becomes priority. COMMS sends you details of the site including address and type of distress alarm signal along with codes and keys.

That seems straight forward but first you have to find the site, then find the alarm panel and then find the area where the fault is. And you could spend any amount of time looking; it doesn't mean that you will find the fault and reset the alarm.

Frankly, a security guard needs to be a rocket scientist sometimes to decode COMMS messages. Considering the risk, low pay and responsibility, the security guard has to grow thick skin fast or be coerced.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †