China has transformed millions of desperate lives from poverty to wellbeing. It adheres a moral standard of its business sector and crime is severely reprimanded. Its trade relations across the world has raised the standards of living for millions more. So I guess, New Zealand expects to have its own house in order before making demands of its biggest trade partner.

I know, the superficial ally needs back up in moral support of a trade war between USA and China, but that's a kick in the guts for its biggest trading partner. And to make NZ looks more like an abused child between hegemonic super powers, it has no trades with either USA or UK.

If that is science, then it is duped science. And we come to learn that the Western Alliance is an alliance of convenience. That is why it's absolutely necessary to separate trade from ideology and ethnicity. This doesn't remove the status quo for advanced nations still have the advantage of economic and commercial status.

However, the separation of trade from ideology is an attempt to stop misusing the means of survival as weapons in trade wars to gain the upper hand. It deploys tariffs and trade fees, necessarily inflating the price of goods and services. And the consequences of trade wars is borne by consumer with severe impact upon the poor. It continues to impact seasons of racial discrimination associated with right wing nationalists' parties.

A right wing ideological government may only deal with a right wing government of other nations and developments are only as good as a party remains in office. This also has adverse impacts on the global economy again borne by the third world.

If Trump's alt right nationalist party is the next government, USA would have experienced a four year season of reverse policies from left to right. And economic volatility and unstable relationships is a self-imposed security risk.

Without ideological links to trade opens access to incoming governments to continue where the outgoing one had left off. And global trade relations is less stressful and more targeted for developmental needs. At the same time, the relationship between governments and its people. This conforms to democratic rule and independent sovereignty.

Here's the basis of development. The NZ census reported 28.2 per cent of Aucklanders identified as Asians, 15.5 per cent Pacific and 11.5 per cent Maori. 2.3 per cent Middle Eastern, Latin American or African and 1.1 per cent other. The rest are Europeans which make up the predominant ethnic majority.

So if Western influence should determine trade and diplomatic relations, then it's expected of USA and UK to be our biggest trading partners. But instead, China is our biggest market and therefore should be our main influence - pro diplomacy.

And since our make-up is multi-ethnic but dominated by one culture, we have all the makings of insecure and unstable relations with trade partners outside the West. We tend to back up ethnic and ideological influence but neglect our major trade partners. So it's not surprising to expect retaliatory measures and temporary trade agreements must be the norm.

If you look at the melting pot, a true multicultural base is in the gene and under current terms of influence and trade partners, the contradiction may develop deviations and defects of the future.

The growing population expects Asians to be major players and Asian markets therefore are not only natural but stable. But this in the current climate of ideological influence, no trade agreement is safe and secure.

In the meantime, Trumpism has taught us a lesson that any trade with USA or UK is not possible with protectionism and nationalist first policies. That places us in a reserve army remote of trade but a close friend for moral support when required.

Further, we despise the treatment of non-Europeans during Trump's alt right nationalistic reign and what comes after Biden holds further uncertainty! Not only our non-European brothers and sisters in USA have to come together for support in their times of need, but it's also escalated to UK, Australia and here in our very own New Zealand.

I have faith that our Kiwi mentality is not expected to descend to extremes although there have been incidents of hate crime. In light of that, hate speech law is absolutely necessary despite open opposition from the alt-right.

I have hinted at the idea of war between the same people in different times to elaborate on a contradiction between ethnicity and ideology. But it's not unusual of people to love and hate oneself at the same time; an internal conflict between kinship or blood related and ideology.

A relationship between trade and ethnic kingship is more closely tied than a relationship between trade and ideology.

Meantime, it is inevitable that Poverty, Inequality /Equity and separatism are natural targets of renewed awareness of colonisation.

True to science, the development of a principle idea is transformed in the mind and passed on to the gene, manifested in prosperous and peaceful organisation. But when volatile societies pass down ideas of discrimination and inequality, future generations expect to bear the fruit of the seed their fore-parents have planted.

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