The tenant upstairs (Georgie) cannot know that what she does makes a thumping noise on the floor that goes right through to the room downstairs. The noise is caused by the iron and other objects falling on the floor. She doesn't know that her movements cause the iron and other objects to fall. Georgie is neither blind nor disabled,

When the noise happens, the tenant downstairs (Joe) gets a fright and jumps. Since the thumping noise started, Joe began to feel nervous. It wakes him up during the night and gives him a fright any other time during the day.

Joe complained to the landlord, but Georgie blames Joe for being shocked and frightened by the noise she causes.

After weeks of complaints, Georgie still doesn't know that her movements cause the iron and other objects to fall on the floor. She thinks that her movements are normal like getting off the chair, walking to the bathroom etc. Therefore she's not doing it deliberately and not her fault.

The landlord being a real capitalist didn't do anything about it even after a reminder that tenants have a right to peace and quiet of the tenancy.

This is a minor problem compared to some serious concerns going on in Social Housing including burglary; intimidation; standing over tactics and gang related issues.

It is evidential that Georgie is a psychiatric patient housed in a private Motel. Joe is retired and spends most of his time surfing the Internet in his room downstairs.

Any logical referee would realise that Georgie is unreasonable, and according to her line of thinking, her circumstances suggest she is not able to reason logically. But her explanation is accepted by the landlord obviously to keep both tenants for the rent.

Joe could lodge a complaint to the Tenancy Tribunal or court to claim for grievances caused by the other of the same landlord's tenant. I know it is stated in the Residential Tenancy 1986 Act that Joe should be protected if the landlord retaliates and kicks him out. But this is where a Coercive Operation or CO takes place.

It is not legal to throw out a tenant for no reason at all and eviction notices have also changed. So the landlord usually has a kind of special relationship with some tenants who would do the landlord a favour and are willing to perform a CO.

Like the culture of work, the boss turns a blind eye while the target employee is being bullied or roughen up and harassed by other employees. You see, the success of this operation stone walled parties involved, no one will speak up about the truth. It's the target's word against the boss and his/her CO party.

Georgie laughs at the idea of a grievance claim because she knows the system. In fact, she is an expert by the way she structured her explanation. One really has to be street wise in order to survive in the hood.

Joe is caught up in the housing crisis. Whatever he does, he'll end up homeless and sleeping on the street somewhere. He'll have company though as he noticed from his morning walks some of the elderlies on park benches with blankets and backbags. It's just too awful during winter!

How can you police such activities to ensure some folks have their fair share of resources and services? Mental Health is being scrutinised for sitting on funding while patients are taking over private housing that could ease homelessness for the elderly!

If you try to record evidence such as noise, one has to have the right equipment but that's expensive. Also, I think one has to ask the target if his/her photo could be taken for evidence. That's defeating the purpose. But then if he/she permits, such evidence might not be permissible in court.

Georgie was a little apprehensive. Joe didn't know Georgie is a patient. But Georgie's reaction is defensive when asked why she doesn't know she dropped objects on the floor.

Now this is a real issue. Joe's complaint had somewhat made him a target enemy; Georgie no longer drops objects on the floor, but rather walking heavily across the room and shutting doors and windows to make enough noise. And she would do this frequently.

I was talking about the noise getting into Joe's nerves. But now it's getting into his head. And the noise complaint becomes noise control of the mind. Is mental illness contagious or some form of paranormal phenomenon that takes over your mind? How can you protect yourself from engaging in such psycho trap? It takes an expert psychologist or a salesperson to be a mind controller. Without your permission, this a classic form of intrusion, invasion of privacy and exploitation.

If you don't complain, nothing will change. But if you do you'd become a target of a phenomenal force. It's not an ideal environment for retirees, but under housing crisis conditions mainly in the poor sector, the phenomenon is a symptom of mental illness. So it's fair to say the housing crisis contributes to mental illness.

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