Society is formed by the binds of shared objective values contributed to the stability of citizen's community. However, when individuals come together to satisfy their own selfish subjective material desires, their organisation deviates from human society to an Aggregation of entities. Both organisations exist; society for citizens and aggregation for the individual.

In our modern secular mode of material development, the media promotion of material production encourages selfish desires in the development of addiction. When individuals are emotionally addicted, they feel a need to satisfy their desires in order to feel good. And whether it's shopping, eating, drinking or gossiping, their interactions constitute the contexts of the social environment.

I guess it's not a problem if one can afford to keep up with the Joneses, but it's a great deal if one cannot. As usual, My Social Relations involves with social issues affecting the lower socio-economic sector among those on the margin trying to make ends meet.

I have hinted at the cause and effect of addiction leading to mental illness and suicide. But more common issues of obesity, diabetes, debts, violence and crime are more or less normalised as inherent developments of the material economy although the right wing opposition had claimed it's an individual's responsibility.

The state provides for mental illness and diabetes care, but when it comes to crime, the individual is punished. Thus it's not uncommon to find among prison inmates so-called criminals who happen to suffer from addiction and mental illness.

So it makes sense therefore to distinguish crimes of addiction and mental illness from normal crime and should be treated in therapeutic clinics rather than in prison institutions. The latest research had also found that prison treatments of adiction by prison staff do not work.

While media promotions are absorbed by sense perception in the corruption of the mind, it is aggressive advertisements that target the vulnerable population. Aggressive is not limited to the manipulation of colours and sounds, but also repetitions in short intervals. And businesses have spent big money on this industry.

Since we among consumers are in the media matrix, the social function of the mind is subdue to the demands of our feelings and senses. We see this in YouTube where teens indulge in pretty wares and feeling good, the greater the attraction the popular the star and hence the followers. Not to mention the advertisements and demand on production.

To stay in the populous circle is dress accordingly and say the right things in conformity to the populous rule. That is; providing others' desires while meeting one's own hence, aggregation. And all these demands are decided by the image or self or the avatar entity that has possessed your senses and taken over your mind.

If one is desperate for an injection of good news, he/she searches online or look for friends who would oblige with saying what one needs to hear. On failing to satisfy one's desire, he/she is stressed and showing negative moods. How sense manipulation can cause negative emotions is very real. And a long fall from the clouds of deception to the reality on the ground is a dark experience.

It must follow therefore that a negative social environment can be stressful to the population. And a stressful population gives rise to overeating, over-shopping and debts, violence and crime.

Should the social environment be restricted to desired pleasures and pretty wares is living in the clouds. And the consequences are true to social issues of addiction, mental illness, obesity, violence, crime and suicide.

The media controls the mood of the population and depending on the mood, the people are victimised and suffer the consequences.

For a start, the creation of new needs is nothing more than creating the explosion of desires and abolishing the person's responsibility to reason. The explosion of subjective materialism gives rise to major social consequences where the individual is made to be responsible for, under duress.

Too many business developments of subjective materialism and aggressive advertisement of production is surely beyond normal expectation of a decent human society. The private business sector is clearly treating consumers as nothing more than junkies for lack of a better word.

How can a human society be stabilised by a subjective material economy is somewhat painful to the hearing. It is better suited to an aggregation of entities indulging on their selfish desires. That is a stark reality of our modern world.

How the business sector compete to transmute responsible citizens to mere entities of material subjective desires should render transmuted entities innocent of the consequences? How can you expect the young to learn solid skills under subjective duress is an injustice to the future.

The business private sector is itself addicted to easy money of temporary developments but at a great loss to society and humanity.

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