'I am the art of myself' so am I a piece of work or what! But it implies if I am a work of art, then who is the artist? And the argument traces footsteps of a creator in the past.

Entities, humans and hybrids! Art is eternal, it is endless with infinite possibilities. The question is; can human become the essential nature of his/herself? We have journeyed over two thousand years in time, yet we haven't left the plane of the material. We are going around in a static cycle of material subjectivism, believing we have made progress.

Entities, humans and hybrids; yes, we can become essential nature of ourselves; no, we can't do it going around in circles. I don't blame you for some were overwhelmed by erosions of the material. The internment of our minds as captured of the material had influenced the elements to perceive the desired outcome. Under the influence, we became willing participants of our fate; the colonised!

Entities, humans and hybrids, the essential nature of looking forward is the ability to see. The ability to vision is giving dignity to life that liberates the mind. And the material cloud of the past is clear from the vision to look forward. This suggests that going forward may be difficult with packages from the past. That is why a genuine effort to objectivism is a mission.

Listen, this is not a religious doctrine. It is a philosophical approach in the science of social behaviour or sociological discipline. And I have outlined a plausible passage to the next level throughout My Social Relations.

To clear the clouds of the material is a logical task while filtering the objective from subjective, it re-educates the mind on rational thought and conscious being. And the binding values of the objective stabilise existent being of the second level.

We should have been here already but for power struggles of the material, we had to endure adversities of the static.

Now armed with genuine concerns of our static world, we agree that there are urgent changes on Climate Change, Poverty, Equity, Diversity, Refugee and Addiction. The consequences incriminate the lifestyle of the rich responsible for over consumption of resources and their escalation.

We are all humans among entities and hybrids but for us beings who can think, we are not doing this to be spiteful to those who captured and colonised our minds in the past. While it has helped shape our outlook and material hostile reaction, we are thinking of the future and for those who follow.

I know, we have established an old fashion habit of looking back and if others are making progress, envy and jealousy ensure they are guilty of something. We are not looking back in the dark old days of power struggles. Remember, this is a positive science. With a clear mind and clear conscience, a vision of the future is projected through the eye of the a priori.

That is the heart of creation. Instead of copies, similarity or imitations, the a priori creates something new that hasn't existed before. It is influenced by a pure principle thus something new is neither destructive nor harmful but objective. And this is the third level of the unknown.

The pure principle is hope that is expecting something positive and practical not in the past but in the future. In this level of the unknown, we are genuine and should we encounter an unknown entity, we trust that we are not reacting in our usual past hostile behaviour but futuristic curiosity.

If future beings are here and in power, nuclear arms and war would be gone along with power struggles of the past. This is not Utopia or dreaming! That's what capitalists and landlords have been saying about climate Change. We have also witnessed first-hand experience that business is absolutely useless without employees and consumers. While we are all in this together, we cannot fully trust capitalists with modern changes. They will go over the cliff with their white knuckles tight on their profit.

Entities, humans and hybrids, you and I are commodities. You can take a selfie your 'self' to identify you amid products in the supermarket or service agencies. But you can become a masterpiece of creation in the collective awareness of our being. While your selfie makes up the stock of the material in the supermarket, your master piece is linked to the infinite possibilities of eternal.

Art is a tool to see beyond the unknown.

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