What if China is an alien nation pretending to be nice humans? They come down to earth from space and flash their wrists to show off their technological skills and money. Hello, how dare they flash! This weird behaviour had caused chaos in the world. Nations of the West panic like hell; Tump's followers invaded the White House as Australia blamed little old New Zealand. Meantime, Samoa's defeated PM refused to leave the house.

Waves of propaganda made circulations around the world to coincide with the Pandemic. While aliens, I mean China was itself a victim of the virus, humans started to put two and two together and yep, the virus is related to the aliens.

However, the whole kerfuffle is based on assumptions and speculations. Social media worked overtime to generate propaganda and rumours have it that China will possess your land to establish a military base to defeat USA, UK, EU, Canada and Australia. It would then rule the world and everybody shall bow before the mighty dragon.

Oh, correction please! Disregard the dragon and replace it with a star. It is a big star of unity surrounded by four smaller ones. You see, it conforms to the alien mother ship in the middle surrounded by smaller ones in circulation. Wait a minute. The EU flag is also like that. Uh, so is the UN flag. Walla, is this a conspiracy or what! I knew it, that's why UK exited and USA pulled out. Busted big time!

Lo and behold, let truth be told! But the trouble is, humans are so far gone even if you show them the truth in front of their face, they cannot see it. All those affected are long time victims of colonisation. Those who escaped retain their freedoms, those captured were colonised and are now said to lose their marbles. They cannot distinguish what's what, they just follow others around in circles.

That is why in the modern, we all need to break out of colonised mentality. Some super humans stand up for what's right but they are shut down just as fast. Some are punished and made to lose their jobs, others are banned from their sports and still others are locked up or made to disappear.

We need to break out of systems of colonised pedagogy. On the one extreme, some students are bullied because of their race. They are excluded and made to feel alienated. But some of these students fight back to break barriers to the truth though it comes with a cost of been stigmatised with labels. Others become rebels who make easy targets of gang recruits.

I know, social exclusion is not only deprived from social services including housing and health, but also without family, friends and can't find a job. The only place where one might feel acknowledged is in a gang environment or behind bars.

The other extreme is where children are given the same right or status as teachers. Students know they can get away with anything including skipping class and assaulting the teacher. I know, teachers are not the police or social workers to deal with such behaviours. They simply can't teach in such environments.

I think something has to be taught in primary levels to break antisocial behaviour. Access to the Internet and social media could also be redirected to activities in the classroom.

You see, the stumbling block to education is social behaviour; namely racism and freedom. Not the lack of freedom but being responsible for the consequences. The older students would have already worked out how to get away with the consequences. That is why it's best to teach hands on when the child is learning from a young age.

So, if you are walking in the park and come across a group of young people on their own, then you are witnessing group formation. These young people share a common factor whether its abuse by their family, racially treated or bullied by other children or teachers, no money no friends. They come together to help and support each other and attempt to make up for they have missed out on.

Even in good families, some children still have antisocial behaviour at school. You can have securities, social workers or the police in the classroom, but I don't think students would learn any better.

So my only suggestion is to try as much as possible to make the student feel belong in the classroom. Now we are demanding a little ethical and professionalism from the teacher to treat students the same irrespective of their race, gender, age and ability.

Some students feel at home in their own language, others don't. But understanding and being understood makes better learning.

So, the key to learning apart from social behaviour and group formation is communication. When I was at school, my school mates perceived my race as lazy and unemployed criminals. But I knew that was a National and Act ideology.

I know some students from Asia go through the same treatment and I understand and can identify with their struggle, but the stress is enlightened in here with a bit of satire.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †