A ray of hope emerges over nationalist patriotism from recent world leaders meet. The Western media informed us of daily updates on trade wars and anti-China sentiments to paint a dark shadow over agreements, but Peace transpires within the framework of shared values.

We witness media adversaries consistent on Human Right's issues and trade relations, but world leaders are united on universal values, though Climate Change the more urgent.

While it seems like a top down decision that involved much thoughts and pressure, leaders were free and independent to contribute to global shared concerns. And among the issues of conscious awareness follow; Climate Change, Poverty, Equity/Equality, Human Rights, Diversity and Refugee. These shared concerns constitute universal values. I have added Addiction and now Cybercrime that has also created havoc throughout the world.

And the outcome renders intuitive objectives a moral code. It is the moral order that sanctions universal values, now the establishment for Peace. From this level, Biden and Xi Jinping are men for Peace.

Top down decisions link unity and stability, at the same time the ground level separates on differences and autocratic impositions. This on the ground level, we are inundated with nationalist propaganda and trade protectionism. It simply reinforces separation on differences.

We say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when children demonstrate values and talents their parents hold. Like a parent, the media dictates the issues of debate in promotion of a desired outcome. And we are expected to follow like sheep.

Accordingly, we must be obedient to the nationalist interest and promote uniformity. Really, the race card is obsolete in the modern and warmonger is retired now. Because, Nationalism is Diversity in the modern and as demonstrated by world leaders, freedom within the framework of shared concerns. That means, anyone who is pushing the race card or promoting nationalist interests is a separatist. He/she is an old colonial guard.

But to stir race difference to attract an audience could be done by algorithm, only that this could put the old guard in danger. We have more urgent issues of digital entities and cybercrime that could trigger the end of the world. The hold of nationalist propaganda to colonial values is now an obstacle to survival.

We are already captured naked and exploited as commodities by IT corporations. And while reality is in the digital realm, who is going to worry about race when human is struggling in a dark world. "With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon" - Elon Musk.

Reality is in transition between two worlds; Digital and Material. And I believe modern reality needs super humans who are free and independent in their resolve. Those who can raise material reality to an elevated level without much stir.

What kind of peace could we achieve with warmongers among nationalist guards is true of a Zombie War. Rather than meaningless annihilation, peace is a conscious and thought process. That is why we don't need A.I. and its algorithm or material means. It is a task for super humans of social and conscious experience suitable for duties on the second level.

And communication in here is conscious awareness, objective resolve and intuition. And this is where it matters. The ability to engage the mass in that level of communication. This has been successfully achieved during the containment of covid-19 pandemic. They know how to present elevated beauty that is attractive to the common consciousness.

You see, in our selfish and narcissistic world of the material, competitions for recognition is vicious and ugly. People are prepared to harm their competitors and savage their presentations. Anyone who talks peace in this ground level exercises ultimatums or even slaughter the opposition. With modern capabilities, this can be achieved without raising an army.

That is why Peace is for cool heads and super leaders operate from the second level. I think we have already known who they are; Biden and Xi Jinping among them. How can you recognise a leader from the opposition is somewhat difficult looking through half empty glasses.

However, the experts have demonstrated that Diversity is not necessarily following a leader as such but accepting freedom and independence of a different opinion within the framework of shared values. We may be different in race, culture and gender, but we are all in this together.

I had a look around and noticed the older generations are holding dear to the old colonial guard while the younger generation in the absence of preconceived ideas are having fun with digital reality. If leaders share some form of pressure to influence their decisions, then it has to be practical and objective. And this is the generation who is free, independent and can see reality.

It's most fortunate for these humans who cannot only see and stabilise our world for the time being, but also for the leaders who can see and tap into this natural resource for the sake of Peace.

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