During the era of material industry, profit became the underlying value for development. If there was no profit then nothing was worth developing. It's a linear or narrow path of progress where human became part of the material to exist.

For years we have noticed ice melting and water rising along with droughts and flooding adverse effects, but profit is more important than life itself. We had struggled against powerful forces of the material including state governments, corporations and global authorities, but you know, capitalism will go down with the ship in a spiral.

Today we ask where were you and what is your purpose in life? So before the process is elevated to the second layer of reality, I want to debrief on some understanding of the powers that be on the ground level.

On the ground level, we are the material of physical entities. We are known by our names, gender, nationality and culture and we are organised into some sort of structural organisation by the state. The regime is the law upon itself, enforces rules such as paying tax, punishment, sending children to school for indoctrination, sending parents to prison if children fail to go to school and social services.

It works out that poor parents cannot afford private schools, so their children are subjected to indoctrination in state schools to become good obedient citizens, subservient to capitalists and landlords or the upper echelons who own the means of production.

Now, the basis of the material is what you can prove by the senses such as vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. However, the senses are proven unreliable in recalling images and information for such experience as wishes and dreams, are taken as real. This I have given the term subjective. So the physical and subjective experiences of the material are nonetheless remain in the memory.

When you see a nice piece of food, you begin to develop a desire associated with its colour, juice and taste - like cool and sexy. The more you indulge in this piece of food the greater you become addicted. So when you have cravings for the fetish, you are more likely to become selfish and the rest of it. Selfish individuals tend to accumulate and consume a lot of resources for themselves. So, individualism is a subjective term.

While you are searching to improve the means of satisfying your desires, you are in fact training your senses to overcome the function of your mind. That's when you know smoking or drugs are no good for your health and the health of your family, yet your material needs are much too powerful to do anything about.

If materialism was a revolution, then addicts were brainwashed to sacrifice their lives for the cause. They are good and obedient citizens who towed the line and gave their lives for the cause of the material. We remember them as sufferers of mental illness.

The material world now consists of the physical and the subjective. And all the material images including dreams, wishes and desires are stored in the memory along with real and physical experience.

I came along and separate images by an objective filter. The filter is a function of the mind to reason all memories to validate an objective purpose. If a memory can produce an objective then it serves a valid purpose and stored to make up your character and purpose. The filtering process quantifies subjective memory into objective being. If a memory fails to produce a valid outcome, it contributes to the make-up of the self but remains in the subjective realm. The self is subjective entity.

So, the ground level of our material world consists of the physical that you can see and the subjective that you may but cannot produce an objective outcome.

Discoveries found that your senses can trick your mind to see things that are not there or not to see physical objects that are there. The phenomenon of the self. On the level of the material, the physical is visible but the subjective self is not.

However, the second layer of reality involves with the practice of objective memory. These are valid memories that can produce objective outcomes. Notice in this level, selfish and harmful memories are filtered. We were known by our names, gender, nationality and culture and were organised into a structural and authoritative sort of organisation by the state. But on the second level, we are not identified by nationalities or men and women; or status. Instead we are human persons or being.

Notice also in the previous level, the phenomenon of the self, involved the subjective dark world that corrupted our minds. And we perceived things that were not present but unable to see some things that were present.

This dark subjective reality is absent in the second level. The objective development reinforces positive awareness of the senses. And without the corrupted aspects of the subjective dark world, the environment is clear for intuition and clear conscience. Imagine on this level, a phenomenon of clear and conscious vision!

Without adverse effects of addiction in our minds and senses, it is possible that human persons are capable of achieving collective consciousness without physical means of communication. Hey who needs an iPhone or energy when you can do anything with your eyes closed!

However, this has suggested that energy consists of both negative and positive or pure and corrupted elements. That means energy itself has to be filtered and separated.

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