Generally, men succeed on linear abstracts and mechanical structures, but women are more practical in social aspects of organisation. Ok, I made the above generalisation on the fact that most national economies are run by men, while women are better in administration of social and community activities. In other words, men are better with things and women are better with people. It is exactly what we need in our time.

Mechanical as applied in My Social Relations refers to physical objects without organic flesh. It is like a robot which performs a routine task without expression of feelings or care for the world. A mechanical system aims to reduce unnecessary human costs and to increase profit.

When humans are employed in a Mechanical system: they get tired; they get sick; they get married and have children. And a whole lot of uneconomic expenses is added to the cost of social consequences.

Today, a right wing government like the last one would not consider liability for the social consequences. If the Act Party is any part of that government, those who fail to keep up their employment contracts would not only be criminalised but also locked up behind bars - Act's favourite and only social economic policy. And that can only be possible under a Feudal Slave system.

So the struggle to avoid punishment and improve working conditions for human employees and provide for their family have forced the Mechanical system to make changes.

You see, there are existing conditions of economic organisation: first, if humans are not employed, they would have no spending money. Therefore, there is no demand for goods and services and no profit is made. Thus the Mechanical system fails.

Families make up the community which forms the market. The Mechanical system is forced to change the way work is organised in order to be human friendly. And in so doing, the economic system is no longer pure Mechanical, but in somewhere between Mechanical and Organical.

The movement from Mechanical to Organical is modern progress.

The Mechanical system in its progress for profit has exhausted world resources at the consequences of Climate Change, Extinction and Depletion. Further, few individuals own so much money while at the same time millions of children are living on less than $1 a day!

The housing market is hiking prices while folks with ailments are left in buildings not designed for their social needs. A pensioner who worked hard for his pension has now spent his life savings paying for a roof over his/her head.

What's the point; the struggle must continue for the sake of human. At the same time, the Mechanical system takes advantage of resources to attack woman trailblazers. Aung San Suu Kyi, woman leader for democracy is imprisoned by the military in Myanmar. Our own woman PM is subjected to daily interrogation by the private sector media.

Thank goodness for our PM, the whole population is to be vaccinated. That's a life statement not matched by any other leader. It is too much money for the right wing leaders to spend on humans. They are more at home with abstract linear and Mechanical systems for themselves while the world struggles against the consequences of Mechanical organisation. Such consequences as Poverty, Inequality /Inequity, Refugee, War and so on.

There is no doubt that progress is from the Mechanical basis to the Organic one; from the Material or Physical to the Social. As Information Technology is readily available, corporate entities are taking advantage of their resources to make more profit. But this information is with us humans and we own it.

Women leaders are leading the way at this point. They have not only taken up abstract logic and mechanical structures, but are also practical operators of social economic systems. She is the modern entity.

At the same time, the men economists among capitalists are stuck in the ancient archive of Mechanical structures that not only stagnate social progress but also tend to resort to military resolutions. Recent racial issues have reared its ugly head among men commentators of the private sector to show that men in their middle ages have not progress that far.

Among the young men and women of the modern, I'm sure they are sick and tired of hearing ethnicity, race and gender opportunism for political grandstanding by the older generations.

Having said or written all that, I am also generalising that all women are better with people than men. I have too, come across women in position of authority who have also based their decisions on ethnicity, race and gender, and have resulted with some atrocious consequences on health and well-being.

However I have faith that individuals whether men or women would be guided by their better judgement of what ought to be the right thing to do.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †