If you search for such terms as New World Order or Temple of Zion, you'd probably get information on Trump and the people of Israel on the mount instead. But what we are looking for remains a secret. It's a secret organisation.

The Temple of Zion is the idea of establishing ownership and control of the consciousness. Inside the temple is a throne where the seed of desire is linked to internal /external awareness. The consciousness is the centre of awareness; linked to the heartbeat of desire. Like a ruler seated on the throne, material desire occupies the centre of consciousness. And the throne of Zion is ruled by the seed of material desires.

So folks become aware of their desires strive to fulfil their needs, but the source of material needs are owned by a few global elites. Since the seed of material desire rules awareness, the people naturally strive to satisfy their needs. And they would do anything including worshipping the Globalists like a god - the owner of the throne. That's total control.

These global elites have replaced God with a material desire. So the first thing we learn about this elite group is anti-deity anti-religion. The image of God is replaced by the image of Globalist elites. They have become gods themselves.

And in maintenance of their god, they subtly create fake news, conspiracy theories, social media propaganda to keep us ordinary tax payers and consumers confused and under controlled.

Global organisation as we know it is sharing common, now universal values as countries are interwoven by trade. The urgency of Climate Change; Poverty; Inequality and Refugee demand immediate action as the world is bridged in multilateral agreements.

At the same time, the 'Globalists' is an elite group of aristocrats who deploy world wealth and resources to achieve control.

So now we have two Global organisations; one of social economic organisation by democratic nations and another of global control by a secret elite Globalists. Global organisation is a democratic organisation by the people, the Globalist organisation is organisation by an unelected few.

Who are the Globalists? First we must attempt to answer some of the existing controversies of our time: why is China the target of Western antagonism; why is US funding Israel like a developing nation; why is the housing market maintained beyond affordability of the ordinary folk; why are housing and monetary policies relatively the same in participating nations of the West. Why covid-19, why Poverty, why War?

The Globalist has chosen individuals from their selective background and primed them for leadership positions across the world to influence decisions according to their goal. Considering that the Globalists is anti-deity anti-religion, yet they claim some of their members are direct descendants of Jesus among Jews and Israelites. It is within this linear they claim their loyal and aristocratic status.

How do they operate? Selected individuals are chosen from their background status but also have skills and talents to offer. They are primed to lead and influence global organisations such as WTO, IMF, financial markets and banks, Pharmaceutical Corporation, World Health, UN, Religion, world and local media agencies and so on. They would even prime an individual to lead a foreign country as a PM or President.

A world organisations may set out to perform its function, but the Globalist install influences the decisions of the organisation. And such decisions are in favour of the Globalists agenda. The global organisation itself is not part of the secret Globalists, it is their individual install who is working from within.

It makes you wonder why a private sector media survives in a country with a small population and yet has the resources to promote an election candidate! With the ownership of the powerful media, the Globalist can influence public decisions and the vote in favour of their install. At the same time, the public candidate is coerced and bullied until he/she is removed.

Notice how the previous Globalist's install while making profit for the business and private sector at the expense of maintaining the structure of the poor sector, went ahead to be recognised by the honours system.

There is no doubt that a dichotomy exists in our world. One system for the privileged few, another one for us ordinary folks. And so-called Freedom, National Sovereignty and Democracy are sold to the Globalists. We the people are owned and control as means to the Globalists agenda.

Under secret names, the Globalist is an unelected, undemocratic organisation by the few for the few. They deploy and manipulate world resources to control the people.

The peoples' organisation is the only free, legitimate and democratic organisation of society. Our democratic leader is a legal representative of the people. And we have a natural right to fight for our leader and not replaced by a Globalist install entity. Look at Myanmar! We don't want a military rule, or a robot or a linear install entity to replace our cultures, our traditions and belief.

We can observe how Globalist media events prepare and prime a Globalist install to takeover leadership in the coming months and leading up to the next election. But we can prepare to endorse the peoples' choice, our freewill and sovereignty to maintain integrity of our democracy.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †