I think that as some sub cultural groups come out of hibernation, immediately they discover freedom to voice their angst towards their perceived enemy. They have hibernated that long they missed out on modern developments. But somehow they seemed to remember the usual suspects and instinctly come out with stereotypes. That added to machine learning from humans, stereotype of the usual suspects is the social trend of the moment.

Meantime, I wrote about a 'global install' last week as a group of rich aristocrats who manipulate global resources in their favour. This group have installs in major organisations including local governments. They own the media and have influence over major industries. With all its wealth and resources, this group can easily influence the local people to vote for a local install such as a PM.

We often hear the media labelling some local activists as an enemy of the state but really, the state has, since now served foreign interests while neglecting locals. Some policies benefit more global corporations while local infrastructure is neglected. At the same time, local activists stand up to represent real local issues for local folks. So, is the media capable of delivering objective news? Is it time to replace the so-called mainstream media favouring few elites with a mainstream inclusion of everyone?

Ok, given a fair representation of issues and opinions, a government by the people is a true Democracy; but an unfair representation may influence some people to vote for a globalist install; a government by the globalist elite is a monopolist body by the few rich.

People like us ordinary folks among workers and consumers are often referred to as a grassroots group. Our ordinariness is designed to keep us ignorant and uninformed. The media either promotes or opposes an issue in favour of the rich few. And we are familiar with their usual method of propaganda. This one is called Astroturf.

Well, I suppose if you try to imitate grassroots, you'd come up with something generic. And that abstract version of grass is called Astroturf. So they replace the lawn with Astroturf and say good bye to mowing the lawns.

An Astroturf campaign is using a prominent character to endorse the issue in favour of the sponsor - rich few. The issue may not necessarily scientific, but having a prominent front person intends to influence grassroots groups without proof of scientific evidence.

The media may also use links to Webpages with bogus information that are claimed to be scientific. But these pages are links to their own make-do data collection from elsewhere. I have found some of the concepts have definitions modified in some self-edited Webpages in favour of political agenda. Also, a lot of media claims are represented by verbal arguments to confuse and force the interviewee under pressure.

That should look good for the sponsor on TV. But since the people are ignorant and uninformed, most are expected to believe the front person and the media.

And the media therefore refer to the people as a majority in favour of the issue. However, since the people are uninformed and the fact that media evidence is fabricated, it is called pseudoscience. It is a perceived majority.

We the ordinary people are subjected to confusions and fabrications, but shouldn't we trust scientists with real facts rather than believing perceived majorities promoted by the media!

We ask ourselves, why did the SIS fail to detect March 15 2019? What has China done to us other than to provide the biggest market for our goods and services that in turns provide jobs for locals?

This few rich group which has a nationalistic and conservative ideology had worshipped US as long as I can remember. But during that time, US businesses have gradually disappeared from locals. And other than the promise of a close friendship at a distance, I have never heard of an FTA with US.

Without China's competition, we would have paid twice as much for the cost of living that reinforces the structure that's shackling us in Poverty, Inequality, violence and crime.

That is why it's essential for us ordinary folks to struggle to be informed for the sake of our Democracy. The media can't be trusted. It is the enemy of the people. Everyone's opinion should be heard by the so-called main stream media and not just the opinions and propaganda in favour of the rich.

China not only stood up to US dictate on technology and the dollar that has helped us reduce the cost of living, but Asian neighbours are commendable for the upkeep of tenancies. They do not make unruly noise, or make wild parties and leave rubbish on the street. They are more responsible tenants than some of our usual criminal and racist suspects.

Diversity is acceptance and integration not only of people, but also of different opinions, different ideas and beliefs. I think this can be perfectly bound when China join the grassroots representation of the people to mount a challenge for the rich few America's Cup. Think about the overflow of diverse media and participation upon the whanau and grassroots generation!


Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †