It is known that victims of long term abuse sometimes rise to end their ordeal by killing their oppressors. And consequentially, legal decisions in some cases were found to be in favour of their defence. Taking into account the long term harm and future consequences, it's probably considered natural justice.

In the nature of oppression, some perpetrators use emotional and mental abuse. But while the abuse is not physical, the impact nonetheless results with physical, emotional and mental harm. The victim could easily fight back by calling his/her oppressor names and derogative terms, but what if the oppressor is too ugly and poses a physical threat on the victim?

Then we can add fear and helplessness to the victim's ordeal. He/she is now stagnated in a crippling depression space, a horrible place for anyone to be.

So, it is a human right for anyone to express his/her opinion. This expression is conditional to local laws, social and moral expectations of culture and religion. I have once argued that opinions are subjective and cannot be validly reasoned unless proven true. However, people are known to have ended their lives or someone else's because of what other people have said.

We know that not everyone share the same moral and social values in a local setting; some people don't have respects for social and moral expectations. Instead, they claim they have a right and freedom to express their opinions no matter how racist and derogative they are on others. No matter how much you try to reason with oppressors on such terms as equity, inequality, disproportion of size and strength, they insist on their stand.

And then at some stage you come to realise who these people are! They are usually male, and mostly European. The common factor of their association is consistent with right wing belief and activities. This right wing belief is literally shared by some religious followers such that a man is the head of the family and man has dominion over nature.

The belief is transformed a dogmatic ideology hence; Conservativism. That means a political ideology influenced by a religious belief. They hold political views that favour private ownership of property and 'socialist' traditional ideas. And such beliefs claim that they are more intelligent, more advanced and therefore superior over all other races. It is their God-given right to exercise their opinions and guard over inferiors and subordinates.

During my time at school, History is more or less written by European men on discoveries made by European men themselves. Their favourite putdown is comparing non-Europeans with monkeys! And if you are non-European and happened to know a bit more than they expect, God help you; they will demonise your character and destroy your life to non-existence.

And we are brought up with the idea that non-Europeans are inferior therefore subordinates of a master class. The non-believers stood no chance and have undergone colonisation or so-called civilisation.

A bully is usually bigger than his/her victims and often has support of associates who sometimes have weapons. You rarely find a bully by him/herself; he/she is safe in numbers.

The nature of dogmatic belief and traditional conservatism are presented in provocative terms not only to insult but also to incite racist reactions. It's not difficult to associate a notorious face with images of adversaries, trolls and bullies. And a fanatic follower is motivated to go the extreme length and materialise that heighten desire in atrocious action. We have witnessed that motivation on 15/3 Christchurch.

When the victim learns how to fight back, the ideology suggests the perpetrator has a right to defend him/herself. So the oppressor lets his/her victim have it.

It appears that the bully provokes his/her victims to react. And the reaction is exactly what is needed to serve as justifiable reason for a full force defence. Sounds like a psycho operation to test some weapons or force!

You see, the passion is transferred to heighten the perpetrator's instincts that mortified the victim all the time. So when he/she reacts in duress, it is justification for the oppressor to execute full force in the name of self-defence. And this is not limited to derogative name calling and racist labelling!

It's traditional conservativism belief that women have ended up with the social role of subordinates responsible for cleanliness of the house, child care, housework and cooking dinner while the man enjoys a beer with his associates at the bar. In some local communities, women are only just learning how to drive, play popular sports or even enjoying a few beers with the mates at the club.

There's no coincident that we have woken up just in time to save ourselves and hopefully our world from total destruction. We have learned the source of violence that had mortified our wellbeing and have made informed decisions toward a fair world in the future.

We are only custodians of the planet. We can only attempt to make a difference and move on. We hope we have prepared the place for others to follow.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †