Whoever wins the battle loses the war in a descending spiral of no return. The wave of public opinions including media reports of political comments depict three prominent pathways to midnight; the current rate of industrial pollution; the rate of depletion of resources and the rate of species extinction. It certainly looks like an escalation of the spiral.

Reforms include energy transition from fossil fuel to renewable. This is making effective progress in the car industry. But progress in housing and energy are somewhat manipulated to offset demands. If housing should necessitate solar energy to power homes, then it's certain it would be too expensive and unaffordable. The rate of progress is giving rise to boom for both housing and electricity, but at the same time imposing a double hit on the homeless.

For a while now, the truth on the effects of Climate Change was disguised by a denial propaganda by rich corporations in the face of environmental pollution and social consequences. Had they been forthcoming, it would have made sober reading on the major cause of death.

If we are not dying from the effects of environmental pollution, then we are killing ourselves as consumers addicted to toxic substances and harmful behaviour.

Even in death, capitalists are prepared to save the material economy that makes a profit to sustain their lifestyle. This lifestyle is a way of living for the bourgeoisie, a civilisation.

When this civilisation is threatened by another, the long hand of the clock speeds up time. And we witness the same forces that deceived and colonised us is at work to protect its lifestyle from being overtaken by another civilisation.

The build-up for war has deployed the propaganda machine to demonise the threat. Like the campaign against Climate change, we don't have to see any facts as antagonism perpetuates the attack.

This is the unbelievable truth about capitalists. You don't have to do anything let alone anything wrong to be blamed for something. This blame against you is doubled if you happen to be better at anything. And this blamed is turned physical if you are not of their kind.

You have to understand the above to find a reason behind the antagonistic propaganda against China. It is a political struggle for power to rule and maintain the current status quo according to Capitalism. The incoming threat is supposed to be Communism.

I know, the aliens are laughing at humans. Capitalism is at one end of so-called progress, Communism is at the other. When you exploit and use up all the resources of your location, you look for better ways to survive and transition to move forward. When you are established in your new location, you come to realise it's Socialism or Communism for that matter.

Then you jump up and down in rebuff of the new. Instead you prefer the material lifestyle of the former capitalism civilisation. So you set out on a warpath to destroy your new discovery and preserve your former self. The war against yourself between times proves that you will die for Capitalism and guarantees that wherever you go; to the moon or another planet, you will re-establish Capitalism there. We are made to believe that we are progressing in the material, but in fact we are stuck on a plane of destruction.

Going through the physical motion of destruction, the Capitalism alliance may deploy radioactive weapons, some technological capabilities and knowing the likes of Trump and his right wing nationalist army would not hesitate to use chemical and virus for means of mass destruction. The opposition may have the same capabilities and perhaps a few surprises.

At the stroke of midnight, the world engages in unleashing its power to destroy what's left of life. Accumulation of carbon oxide is mixed with radiation, chemical and virus contamination! Nothing expects to live the day after midnight.

It doesn't help if the third intake for covid-19 vaccination is for those over 65 years and vaccination is by invitation only. But at the same time, the local News reported a religious group including a couple of celebrities below the age of 65 have already taken their second vaccination.

At the other end of town, bus-loads of over 60s were rejected and reminded of vaccination by invitation only. What's going on? Is there something we should all know? Who is deciding who must be vaccinated and who must not?

Finally, I have argued that addiction is like slowly dying by a thousand cuts. That's depending on the material needs for survival but knowing the stuff is no good for you. But if you are addicted to the stuff, do you have a choice?

If Communism was the mode of organising the means of survival, does it offer a better chance? I don't know. I was brought up in a society where people learn to be self-sufficient and share with others. In elsewhere, this was communal until at some stage, someone rose from the crowd and decided to dictate to the mass.

So I guess the struggle really is to diminish the power of the dictator and let the people rule as in democracy. And last time I looked, nearly all the struggles around the world is for freedom from control. The people want to liberate themselves from industrial colonialism and materialism.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †