If a wheel rolls from point A to point B and a cycle is turning but not rolling, then it makes a difference between progress and static. But sometimes, a rolling wheel perceives to be static which gives us the idea that something is rolling or progressing nowhere far!

What has just transpired before our eyes? Did the media take a policy and transformed it into a waggon ride for the opposition, is one demonstration of the media's power to interfere and influence government's decisions.

While the opposition is not known to dish out pay rise for workers; it was much easier to go along for the ride. At the same time, it also confirms the union's lack of representation for low income workers.

Instead, the union became an axle force in propelling inequity. It is behind the public service's ultimatum of industrial action, when the government in the first place intended to prop up wages for low income earners instead.

Now if middle and top income earners warn of industrial action every time low income earners are due a wage catch up, the gap between the rich and poor can never be bridged. And it's the workers themselves who are responsible. It implies a political arm of the divide among workers and their representatives.

If top income workers and their unions are not with us, then it's time to rethink representations at the lower end of the scale. The top half of the working class has become too powerful for stable organisation that offshoots expect to develop. And we have witnessed before now socialist industries supporting lifestyles of elites among specialist groups.

What now for the low and single income families and their children among the sick and unemployed? Is it time to revive disruption, civil unrest and Radical Protest without the union at the far left?

In the mid-90s when I was trying to make sense of the reality of hardships and struggles, I became familiar with the view that in times of downturns and depression, the middle class blame the lower socio-economic sector of society's ills to relieve themselves from their economic frustrations.

However in the current state of affairs, careful economic management and social achievements have maintained relatively better-off standards considering the pressure brought about by the covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing manipulation of housing.

While landlords are making a killing by throwing out the poor on the streets of winter, some businesses were gifted with substantial handouts under covid conditions. At the same time, we with next to nothing are brought to court to pay back a few overpaid bucks that are usually someone else's fault.

The arguments pointed out various factors of social struggles, one is; establishing a sector available to dump blames upon; but in so doing proves that upper class don't know how to deal with social issues.

Today, the middle class while having higher pay, they are not allowing the government to prop up low income worker's pay and catch up. It implies that the middle class does not approve of equality let alone equity. But it proves that they don't know how to deal with social issues, instead of bettering themselves, they make sure the other doesn't get a chance.

The strategy is slightly different but the principal remains the same. And the lower socio-economic sector or underclass is a permanent structure of society.

This is confirm by the fact that the media did not see the low income earners, only the middle and top earners. And the low socio economic sector is not only a permanent structure but somewhat invisible.

So we get the impression that time and material developments seems to progress, but the fact remains nothing has changed. It renders the idea of deja-vu a phenomenon.

And blame is the reality of struggles at the lower socio-economic sector. It doesn't matter if you haven't done anything wrong, you are still guilty. The cycle of strategies varied in time but the reality of struggles remain the same.

This sounds monotonous and depressive that it could make someone give up. But the truth is, one has to make the best of it. He/she has to quit all the pride and higher expectations imposed upon us but learn how to survive within available means of reality.

And that is the realm of super humans! When the going gets tough, the toughs get going. Impose whatever, blame us; hey we are still standing. It takes a special character to undergo blame, persecution and whatever society impose. The true meaning of freedom is also free from pain. Instead it makes you real. That is in your DNA.

But in case you wonder why some folks frequent confinement in prison from time to time, I say may be they need the peace and quiet of solitude to take a break from society. Or that only find people who consider them as friends and whanau away from the invisible cycle of deterioration.

So don't despair; don't give up, be real. You are never alone. Real progress is wellness of being.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †