We are imposed opinions and judgements that China is committing genocide of the people of Uighur, the same time we witness Israel killing over 200 Palestinians including over 60 children and yet no one says anything...

We tend to form opinions on the basis of popularity and since no one wants to be left out, following the majority is the rule. And politicians seem to play along with popular opportunities to influence difficult decisions.

Unfortunately, difficult decisions usually involved people's lives, especially the defenceless. But this too is not new as Pilate washed his hands as he handed Jesus over to the people and relieved himself of responsibility - Mathew 27:24-26.

For one; the ruler remained popular and for another; difficult decisions are influenced by popular opinions. Despite the majority number, decisions based on popular opinions are subjective. It is assuming that everyone is informed of the issue thus the majority suggests a fact. Instead it merely represents a pseudo-scientific finding or shall we say a political convenience.

And we are forever trapped in the politicalisation of issues that has robbed us of our rational world. Until such a time we can come out from following one another for populous reasons, we remain poorer for solid resolutions and stable progress.

The issues highlight internal relations between a ruling regime and indigenous peoples among minority ethnic groups. Regime is not necessarily the government of the day but a representation of ideology and culture shared among the people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

I tend to think that when the media engages in the promotion of a party in favour of a political or ethnic issue that a regime has emersed over democracy. So the media assumes a guardian or gate keeping role for a regime in the promotion or propaganda of issues.

Having said that, we have also noticed that awareness of the struggle of Palestine has realised a sense of solidarity. So feelings of the issue crossover nations and politics to elevate human rights and universal status.

So, behind the social media is a propaganda group who operate like machine to perpetuate popular opinions in favour or against a ruler or regime. Politicians like Pilate ride behind the populous wagon not only to influence difficult decisions but also to avoid responsibilities. And all these opinions can be undone when the people identify with pains of a struggle.

And so elevation of the issue to human rights and universal status did not stop some leaders to stop atrocious action. Then it comes down to a democratic decision.

The issue of Race Relations in New Zealand in my opinion may be written in stone, but has to identify the feelings and emotions of a people. I'm saying Maori has to be recognised the first people among many cultures that followed. By acknowledgment, we have to speak the language in our everyday dealings including work and know the history of Aotearoa New Zealand. We non-Maori have to respect the land and the people.

It's probably not ideal to acknowledge those who are just arriving while Maori is left behind in the background. It's Aotearoa New Zealand's cultural idea to promote and represent Maori in global dealings including trade relations not separated or independent from Aotearoa New Zealand.

There will always be popular opinions and populous politicians, but feelings will identify solidarity with a people, place and time.

Aotearoa New Zealand is in the best place and time to take advantage of what's available. The Asian emersion while integrating with Maori, Europeans and Pasefika, they also have gifts to offer. Despite antagonistic propaganda, if technology is the future, then China is Education. And that means future generations would have to be multi-lingual. They would have to speak Maori, English, Mandarin and a Pasefika or own language in order to learn technology and understand Aotearoa New Zealand culture.

I see that Samoa's incoming government has already dumped China's developments, but that's understandable of a New Zealand educated PM with all due respects of a colonised mentality. I believe Samoa among island nations resorted to China's help after 50 years of so-called help from the West. In the few years China came to Samoa, the whole of Samoa's infrastructure is upgraded including hospitals, courthouse and public services.

A lot of people are claiming it's China's systemic method of colonising the island nations. I t's following from the propaganda of china's treatment of Uighurs.

I hope the PM is not a populous leader depended on popular opinions and knowing that she didn't win outright, it's a wait and see where Samoa is heading.

And as for Fiji Indians, I believe the issue involves Fiji and India nationalism. New Zealand has its own immigration and citizenship laws. I think Indians are trying to jump the queue by asking for a free ride. Indian has to experience struggles of mobility like Maori and Pasefika endured.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †