Let's begin by clearing your mind. Material development of progress is said to be the means of sustaining our survival. We believe that progress is moving from the old to the new when old tools are replaced with the new. And our lives are changed for the better.

Through time, the vehicle replaced the horse and the robot replaced human labour. Now, Technology is a magical tool, it does calculation and solve problems. On that note alone, we lose the ability to calculate and solve problems as the machine advances. And the moment there is a fault with the power supply, the machine stops and we can't do anything as we become dependent.

When we fill in forms online we disclose personal details. In social media and other internet activities, we disclose personal information about us, our behaviour and what we do. And the advance machine uses our personal details and information to manipulate our behaviour. We become nothing more than commodities of those who own smart machines. Is it irony that we ourselves have become tools of the modern?

It is working through the senses to influence our minds. And we think we buy the unnecessary junks we end up with when we were deceived or tricked into it.

So in the line of historical progress, we believe we have moved from the 40s to the 50s and 60s to now. But the material means of progress is organised by a static structure. While time seems to move from the old to the new, we ourselves are stuck in that static structure.

And we wake to feel the heat of climate change resulting from material depletion giving rise to species extinction. And that includes human species.

We are here, but we are decades late! If we can come out of the smock and through the abstract, you'd realise in reality that you are probably suffering from some sought of disease. Try to breathe and watch out for the airborne virus.

Notice, it is inherent of grassroots' projects to expand as it is inclusive of diversity, opposed to open investment that conforms to that static structure. In that sense, grassroots green projects have a better chance of succeeding than business and political proposals.

A business green project is merely replacing one contaminant with another but a populous opportunity to expand and gain a profit is a hidden agenda. That is, no amount of green proposals can change material behaviour.

In fact, addictive behaviour at that. So long as the macho petrol head drives his truck, SUV or tank on the highway, that's all it matters. Change that and all hell breaks loose.

I am in favour of replacing trucks with trains but I guess that will offset a war of the zombies; it would never happen. Then green energy of electric vehicles have mining of rare earth metals a major problem.

Having said that, I saw a video on Aljazeera Website about Green Hydrogen produced from (sea) water. It would take electricity from solar or wind to produce and can be stored. It can power planes, ships, trains and vehicles as well as industrial and domestic use. It is easier to charge and has no site effect. Unless someone is interested in explosions, then green hydrogen is a gift from heaven!

I'm not sure about its engine whether it uses rare earth metal though. It is well worth investigation and I know, you don't expect a petrol head addict to do the inspection for us thank you.

However, the above is only half the problem. The other half rests with consumer behaviour but preceding that, the promotion and marketing of material production. And we are talking about Material Capitalism. The goal is to change the material means but maintain jobs.

Coincidentally, this is what I was always talking about. Rather than material means, we are talking about social means of production. Yet, there is no coincident in the need for change especially of energy. And that means, undergoing a major rehab program to deal with addiction. It's coming off material addiction to social behaviour or wellness of being.

Material developments include the development of feelings and senses. Feelings and senses advanced to overcome the functions of the mind. And our material decisions have been dictated by our feelings and senses. During times of trials, feelings and senses heightened to instincts.

This material development is subjective as we are dictated by instinctual desires, wishes and dreams. We would never understand why we should stop having a good time and doing what we want to do.

That is why we need to validate our behaviour. The social means of survival may validate a behaviour to produce a productive purpose that doesn't involve cutting down trees, using carbon fuel or self-serving, and so on.

After a little while, our consumer behaviour is no longer influenced by the senses and mind altering perceptions. Now we are thinking of health and climate change. We are thinking about saving the world for those who come after. We could be alerted to incriminating elements of production. And we haven't got much time to do it as we are decades if not centuries late.

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