If you look at the image, what you see is in your mind. The image is a symbol of your prejudices, preconceived ideas and what you have been led to believe or taught. That is why it's difficult to see the purity of the image in itself.

While you're at it, you'd probably find the most innocent persons caught up in our perceptions and politics of the world. And to us they represent all sorts of social and political issues and yet, they probably have nothing to do with.

Well, in the absence of AUKUS, QUAD, 5 EYES and TLC, CCPNZ shall soon be joined by EU and East Asia. They in turn shall form the future world order not to demonstrate fire power and big talk or hegemonic desires, but technological developmental progress to the future and therefore peace.

BTW, TLC is not an acronym for Tender Loving Care, quite the opposite. It stands for Tribal and Liberal Capitalism. Apart from India and Japan, TLC is the glue that binds AUKUS, QUAD and 5 EYES together. It's a Western DNA!

And if the famous nuclear submarine is any indication, Unilateralism and Bilateralism are banana skins that loosen the Western bind. While they are slipping and sliding in redirection of attention, China along with East Asia are not deterred by the commotion, quietly continued on future development.

That's not all. Xi Jinping is demonstrating how stability can be woven by the moral fibre of stability. This man's legacy is an epitome of business standards. It is the underlining foundation of development and it would go a long way into the future.

However, the development of nuclear capabilities is notorious of contamination and effects on marine life, land and people. AUKUS had decided Asia Pacific must be replaced by Indo Pacific with nuclear development. 4 out of 5 people who made the decision do not live in the Pacific.

What's at stake is security of nearby island nations who depend on the sea for their livelihood. Should there be a nuclear disaster like Chernobyl and Japan, what then for us? No respect, nor diplomacy not even an acknowledgment as if island nations don't exist.

As we speak of silent existence, the same Pasefika peoples are deprived of a voice at COP26 when Pasefika peoples' coastline villages and their livelihoods are sunk by rising waters. Not to mention seasonal hurricanes brought about by Climate Change weather, they are not seen or heard on the table of decision-making.

So is it any wonder some Pasefika nations welcome China to the aid of their developments is not surprising. This economic development relationship however is poisoned by anti-China adversaries, some of the Pasefika islanders are beginning to look at China differently.

If they have any doubt, just ask if AUKUS consulted them about their welfare and wellbeing in respect of nuclear development in the Pacific? How about COP26?

So how can you purify your mind when the dye has cast? It's probably impossible to unite the East and West because of ethnic lineage and political belief. You have adversaries casting dyes and propaganda, but true nature goes quietly about its way of sustaining development.

Without the shades of ethnicity and politics, can you see two independent people and two different countries in the image? What makes them steadfast in the face of adversaries and what people have cast upon them is invisible because we are not pure enough to see the image in itself.

Xi Jinping as a leader makes decisions for the betterment of his people. It is hard to see the quality of the decisions from our shaded perceptions. And we will never see the purity of the object in itself because of our own impurity.

Nature is able to track down what our preconceived beliefs have prevented us. And this natural development is built from within until it blossoms in output. It is inherent of conscious awareness in the realisation of what we share among others.

If AUKUS had proposed to develop a fish factory in the Pacific that would employ thousands of workers and provide good nutrients, no doubt a lot of people would realise and share a good thing. You see, the people would realise; not what they are told or imposed. And the realisation is nature from within.

That is why the realisation of values we share in common from within would unite. It is purity of nature that penetrates the shades of prejudice and political propaganda. And the Climate Change movement along with Diversity, Equity, Poverty and Refugee are the shared values that will enable us to see clear the beauty of nature.

The New World Order of the future is not the outward manifestation of TLC and hegemonic desires, it is rather the realisation from within of the values that unite our organisation. It is not a bilateral or unilateral dictate, but a collective conscience.

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