Aesthetics may be a beauty of something in itself, but it takes a holistic eye to see it. Without the human influence of feeling and emotions, that aesthetic something is pure. If human therefore cannot detach him/herself from involvement in his/her feelings and emotions, then he/she may never see the beauty of nature.

So, should a decision come down on who to save and who to not; what is the determining factor? Age, economic role, or choice?

The perspective enables the viewer to see beyond the material. It can solve unnecessary consequences. Sole is over 67 years of age and has a chronic respiratory condition. On hearing about the third vaccine that may help folks with chronic conditions, he rang the doctor if he could have the third vaccine.

The nurse returned the call and told Sole that his request is denied. This is because Sole's medical record doesn't show he's on any medication for a chronic cough. Sole is the one who accidentally over dosed on Panadol trying to control the flu and his cough. He doesn't like medication and he uses water and diet to control his cough.

The truth is, had Sole been a female Pakeha, there's a good chance he would have received the third jab. But now he hopes he doesn't get infected because if he does, he'll end up in hospital. And for a few more people with the same conditions as Sole, getting the third vaccine now would prevent a stretch of resources when Delta variant strikes.

People are preparing for something to happen in the near future. Instead of looking for preconditions, they are looking for real conditions as they occur. The future now has not happened yet; it is the signs of pre-existing conditions that are happening now.

Considering that institutionalised racism is a major influence, I'm thinking that aesthetics should make the decision. We know that A.I. algorithms and programs are written by people, but an abstract program filtered for human emotions and experience should establish its own data learning in the absence of human influence.

Women and some men would always have a soft spot for women and children, while emotional ties to loved ones and friends are sometimes inseparable.

Age both young and aged completes the objective purpose. When you are born to the world, you are a person. You cannot become a young or old person all your life. Both are necessary in stages which make up the quality of life.

It is an incomplete world without children or grandparents at the same time. It's not whole, its real and definitely not pure.

Many in our material world would think immediately that money is the ultimate determining factor. Therefore, the person's ability to make money must surely warrant his/her claims to be saved.

However, the system for making money works not only by exploitation of humans, but also to subjugate them in social classes. And it's true that capitalism is the accumulation of wealth at the one end, and at the same time the accumulation of Poverty at the other end.

We have just learned that corporate company makes its money by promoting extreme views and anti-social behaviour.

Money therefore creates more misery for human than its benefits. The whole world and all its people are subjected to extreme conditions brought by Climate Change and impacted by the system of making money. People are perished by flooding and hurricanes while others are displaced and starved by droughts and struggle for food. At the same time, some capitalist governments are staunch on promoting fossil fuel and carbon emission.

Some people are making money but a lot more others are perished because of it. This is not a natural objective and far from purity.

Here's the biggest flaw in this material world. The law would permit someone to not be vaccinated and in so doing get infected and spread the virus to his/her family and may end up killing them. The law would allow someone to own a gun only to shoot and kill another. I don't understand this logic as if humans are limited in vision, they cannot see beyond what's immediately in-front of them.

When someone decides whatever reason for him/herself to die, people are reluctant to do anything because they respect his/her freedom and right to die. Well one owns a gun, and the other chose not to be vaccinated. They all had disastrous consequences brought about by his/her liberal freedom.

Yes, we may learn later that so and so was not in his/her right frame of mind, or he/she has a tendency to lose his/her mind. Then they jump up and start to look beyond what's immediately beyond them.

And that is why the machine would eventually be influenced by beauty. The quality of the material, the quality of its output function or product and the purpose it serves. It is probably unthinkable that a machine can make enlightened decisions to satisfy the holistic person, when in the first-place algorithms are written to mine money for the business corporation.

In the absence of human influence and material development, human might just be able to see beyond A.I. than the immediate material in front of them.

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