REACH OUT14/10/21

At whose best interests the media presents may be revealed by its defence whether it's relevant to us ordinary folks or directed to a special audience. But the content is much too technical now, we are at a lost in trying to make sense.

Despite that fact we have very little to do with, the media exists on data generated and associated with us. We are incorporated with its daily selection of what we must see in the hope that we shall like and become a daily subscriber. And our hard-earned coin weighs a scale of their data charts. The outlet's network support accumulates investments among corporate and individual entities.

There you have it, it takes a material entity to understand an abstract reality; material, units, computers, robots, A.I. entities!

We the consumer and commodity however remain a subject that's hardly warrant a headline. So when it comes to an issue that's closer to the heart, it is too far and never understood.

A little while ago, a friend work twice as much to pay off his student's loan. After two years of hard work and long hours, his student's loan was paid off. But now he has a tax debt to pay. This is happening during the first year of his retirement where over half of his pension is to pay for the rent. And when he looked back for a time, he noticed there was not much else happening no matter what you do.

In between units, flats and motels, homelessness is at the end of the road. So, he thought what the heck, no matter how much you comply with the law and do the right thing, you're on your own. Disconnected and isolated, he's now doing his own thing.

There are over 40,000 people homeless today; 25 percent of those are children between 12 and 15 years old. The main cause of homelessness is due to the increase in housing costs and renting. And the majority of the homeless are Maori and Pasefika.

Maori and Pasefika tend to live in crowded housing not so much as a lifestyle, but as a social consequence of low income and homelessness. They also live in caravans, units and cars.

From the young age of 12 to over 65 years, folks have various experiences in life whether they can help it or not, they arrive at homelessness. How a person must be in terms of his thoughts, feelings and emotions. How would he/she likely to react to the Pandemic?

Anyone who's had a bit of life may say it's same old same old, others may learn from the experience and change. Still others couldn't do much but depend upon it. It doesn't matter what government is in office, they are all the same. They say one thing and do the other. Nothing will change, why will it be different now?

You know, there are many folks who have been alienated and marginalised from impositions of the material system that had transmuted humanity to units of production.

For something closer to the heart, it has a remote distance too far to reach. Why is it so difficult to reach an isolated and disconnected human being? May be the material system has isolated our hearts away from the material of our being. Our living together is likened to a distant journey of the heart.

Well, I am probably the world's public enemy number one and for that I cannot help anyone. But I tell you what, notice a small light feathered flower in the wind, it travels distances with gentle ease. It's beautiful to watch.

That's the secret of the (bottom) ground up approach. You are with the people on the same level and you understand where they're at; their feelings, their struggles, their pains and joys.

For some people, the coronavirus Pandemic is an opportunity to do something. The third wave shall carry them to the heights of their dreams, whatever their blessing may bring. For others, there's much of life to see. For a 12-year- old child to find a stable home safe from Delta variant, depends on you.

The child is innocent. He/she may or may not know what you do. But the child's dream shall be carried by the generosity of what you do to ensure he/she is safe from the coronavirus. It is not a digital or technical offer.

It is a reality neither digital A.I. nor technical personnel can understand. The value of the human heart is worth more than your electronic or crypto currency. It is probably why modern journalists have never recognised and written about.

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