A STUDY 23/09/21

First of all, I am not an epidemiologist or health professional expert. I have my interests in the study of social behaviour. I have set up data in a scientific collection to study the effects of Delta variant on social behaviour. What are the trends associated with lockdowns, pros and cons to community organisation and individual reaction to imposed measures during periods of lockdown.

Again, while this information is available for anyone who is also interested and may provide a useful resource for social and general study, it is not to be taken as official information for coronavirus lockdown systems. Therefore this site is not responsible for any loss to individuals or business not limited to finance, but also to health and property as a result.

The function of this website entitled My Social Relation is to provide information in easier terms for ordinary tenants and citizens to help them make informed decisions to improve their housing or general decisions. Having said that, My Social Relations is managed by a not for profit community housing group formerly known as Gihtrust.co.nz.

The data collection is found in. It is totally depended upon data publically made available by MOH websites, TVNZ1 and RNZ. The actual number of cases including new ones and recoveries are facts. These facts are input to output a chart to display a hard copy of reality of the abstract facts. This chart has made it easier to compare, contrast and draw conclusions on upward or downward movements of the Delta variant trend.

My study is a social study and it's interesting that the correlation between health, science and the social is very real. For example, social habits lead to addiction where a place for addicts to indulge in their desire becomes a hotspot for the virus to spread.

So when symptoms of addiction are surfaced, addicts begin to curse lockdowns and demands their freedom of movement. There are also ideological motivated groups in the mix, including in the recent construction strike that wen violent in Australia. But I have already made up my mind that the right not to be infected and die is greater than the so-called right not to be vaccinated and risk infection which would intern violate your right not be infected.

However, this is the dilemma that has driven arguments. Go to work to get paid to buy the food and live or stay home and get no money no food and die. The trouble is, if you go to work and get infected, you'll end up dying anyway. I think there is a consensus in this area where a high number of vaccination reached would have a chance of survival. And caution is the word when other members of the family are not vaccinated including the young children.

Having said that, a lower number of infection is easier to control than going all out and risk a stretch of resources.

There are other serious considerations needed to address including housing, education and health maintenance that are put on hold but for how long no one knows. Thus surely we are looking at establishing a new norm.

Surely by now, individuals would have had a fair idea on enhancing life by a healthy diet and exercise to help the immune system, but also consideration for vulnerable members of the family such as children and elderly. Well, I could be corrected that a healthy person has a better chance to survive the virus than not.

So, My Social Relations tend to specialise in social relations that are not readily obvious. These are phenomena occurring on the edge of reality. My Social Relations seek to quantify reasons to make sense of their existence. For example. Why do people come together to help out in times of disasters and grief, or why are there homicides involving young children in the family.

The general question is where has society failed to care for the needs of the vulnerable? I like the new coordinated effort of agencies set up to help communities. We have had experience in many systems and we have more or less generally accepted that the reason why individuals fall through the gaps is institutionalised racism. If that was a mono-cultural or bicultural term, what would it be for a diverse system?

Would the helper equally help other ethnic groups and different genders from his/her own? The problem with institutionalised racism is a capitalism behaviour. Can the capitalism behaviour be corrected to bridge the gap and treat everyone the same irrespective of difference?

Someone has taken the term 'diversism' to refer to a well found knowledge of diversity. Supposing that well found knowledge under capitalism is surely serving to benefit one more than others! So if diversism is a social term, then it's applying knowledge of social diversity to benefit one. It is not equity or equality.

That's why I have claimed the new ethics is detaching from oneself to see aesthetic beauty of nature transcending into being. That's pure ethics, but merit may measure the degree of need and equity into account.


Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †