A realisation of miss opportunities may create anxiety that is realised among a business group in the private sector. They share a feeling of impending defeat characterised by bold and aggressive retaliation of the cause. In this case, the targeted authority is the science of Epidemiology and the execution of the elimination strategy.

New Zealand has faced two or three waves of covid-19 and all have been successfully controlled and locally eliminated by the elimination strategy. The crucial stages of its success include; Lockdown, PPE, tests, vaccination, isolation, face cover, social distancing, hand washing and code scanning.

The success of the strategy is the low rate of deaths for the whole Pandemic at 27 while at the same time, the economy is relatively sustaining the needs for the crisis.

It is proven that elimination strategy is ideally suitable for a social crisis where behaviour is largely influenced by popular opinions and selfish desires. These individuals are consumers who tend to socialise in groups of popular events and community gatherings. And we know under panic and fear experience, logical reason gives way to heighten instincts. And commonsense play second fiddle to habits and desire.

In a matter of 7 days, a proportion of the community had already tested positive to the first wave. On realisation of the crisis, elimination strategy was put in place and lockdown executed immediately. By the second week, the group number had hit 700 but the strategy was working effectively to peak the trend and minimise potential cases. The whole epidemic reached plateau stage on week three.

This is the group who centre their group activities and social events on generating the economy for the business dollar. And they were caught unaware in their consumer behaviour. I think the popular complaints from this group is associated with food, rent, family, medical and community although their priority is to isolate and vaccinate. Now, they are recovering and back to business again.

The four-week pandemic endurance is a good period for bulk buying and restocking, it hasn't stopped business from lockdown. While employers might not be working, employees and consumers still carrying out businesses. And during this time, a few dollars is usually allocated on a recovery basis for consumers to make ends meet. At the same time, millions are directed to business for the loss of production and for paying workers! And yes, before Delta variant was plateau, eight businesses were already tagged for fraudulent claim on wage subsidy.

The Pandemic period has provided chances for populous opportunism. One business group was questioning the authority of the government to make decisions on testing and vaccination. They suggested that business knows better and should run the Pandemic strategy instead.

If you are not familiar with the business strategy, then I advise you to have a look at Pandemic statistics on India, Brazil, UK and Australia. The business approach uses the herd immunity strategy which is also favoured among right wing parties, was also used by Trump before Biden came in and effectively reduced the death toll.

The other factor about the business strategy is it targets the poor. And since the herd immunity strategy targets the poor, the herd immunity become a culling strategy.

It's based on the idea that having the majority of the population immunised, they protect those who have not been vaccinated. But the truth is, even those who have fully vaccinated have become re-infected. That's not all, in an environment where the virus is spreading wild, it presents it with a good chance to mutate. And a mutation may be resistant to current vaccinations and there we have, no vaccines. There is one new variant called Mu found in Colombia and already spreading in US and UK. And anyone who is still using the herd immunity strategy has to think seriously about the future.

Now we know the facts and science of coronavirus. The misinformation of covid-19 Pandemic is the social virus. This social virus is promoted by some media outlets whether it's the right wing propaganda or religious fanatics. And these guys would voice anti vaccines opinions including anti elimination strategy. They would complain about business, about jobs, or social behaviour like that re-Act party on anything humane about the poor.

So, politics on covid-19 Pandemic is a social virus. Rather than political debate on moral and ethical issues of strategies, complaints may target social behaviour on infection and spread but a ploy to apply pressure on the strategy to change in favour of the other. It's politicalisation of the Pandemic.

Let's say the virus is indiscriminate of the host. We humans have a right to life but this right may be determined by the dominant politics of the day. So don't be dishearten.

After learning about what's happening with right wing governments around the world, I trust I have a better chance to life under this government. And for life, I vote for elimination strategy.

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