I am grateful for the labourious sacrifice endured by medical and essential workers to keep us safe and alive. The covid-19 pandemic may have experienced some mix emotions, but the practical objective emerged the stronger.

According to me, Karl Marx has a social theory of Capitalism. His socialist perspective is based on social aspects that are subjective in the milieu of material existence. This includes material aspects of feelings, senses, wishes, dreams and desires. The capitalist deploys those social aspects including dreams and desires to conduct his/her business.

Capitalism is the economic system of exploiting human for a profit including the exploitation of dreams and desires. As the capitalist imposes subjective material aspects, the individual absorbs and develops a material consumer character.

The accumulation of subjective material aspects established the consumer character of the consumer's self. Based on the above material developments, the character of the self is depended or hooked on subjective materialism.

The capitalist enjoys a good thing in targeting the individual consumer's desire packaged in the promotion of the product. And this package has transformed a material perspective of the self - the individual. And clearly, the so-called relationship between the capitalist and the consumer is based on subjective material aspects of dreams and desires.

The liberal view of capitalism is for the capitalist to exercise his/her freedom to produce and trade just as the consumer is also free to indulge in his/her subjective material desires. The consumer is free to satisfy his/her demand as the capitalist is happy to supply.

I came along with an objective perspective and claim that Karl Marx's socialist view of Capitalism is invalid because feelings, senses, wishes, dreams and desires cannot be relied upon to stabilise reality let alone the individual consumer's reality. The capitalist's desire for profit targets the consumer's desire for self establishes a supply and demand or mutually depended relationship.

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours; you be nice and I'll buy your products. The relationship is based on feelings, senses, wishes, dreams and desires. You be racist and your product is socially tarnished. It's psychological relationship that is volatile and unstable.

And all of the above is not Socialism! It is invalid and better term as a socialist view of subjective materialism. A socialist perspective of Capitalism is not Socialism. That means complaints for flaws of Capitalism are viewed as Socialism. It might explain that consumers are existing in a social world thinking it's a material one.

However, My Social Relations validate subjective materialism or invalid social aspects such as feelings, senses, wishes, dreams and desires in an attempt not only to stabilise the reality of the individual consumer, but also of general reality.

And that is where objectivism is introduced to replace subjectivism. Rather than the selfish ambitious desire targeting the individual's self, production is aimed at social objectives targeting the stability of the community.

The movement from the individual to the community targets selfish and greedy consumer behaviour that's giving rise to epidemics of ailments and diseases. It also attempts to address predatory instincts dominating distribution of resources resulting with disparity and inequality. It is the major cause of discrimination against race and gender resulting with economic status and Poverty. And the whole cycle of social abnormal consequences escalates.

Unlike the socialist view of Capitalism, Freedom of Socialism is interdependent awareness of shared objectivism by both leaders and citizens. Like a two way scan, individuals are tuned in on a collective wave of participation. It's like one knows the right thing to do and the rest follow.

I think China has got it right by having values based on Confucius Philosophy, giving an objective reason to participate. There is an objective social purpose based on Chinese tradition and it's successfully working for them.

If you care to notice in the early stages of covid-19 pandemic, Capitalism reared its traditional traits when rich nations attempted to accumulate vaccines for themselves. At the other end, some nations have their vaccine distribution based on economic status where the poor were mostly disadvantaged.

At the same time in the spirit of social objectivism of Socialism, China has been donating mass vaccines across the world.

The deliberate misrepresentation of Socialism is ideological and somewhat caught in the propaganda of Capitalism that benefits the few and the strong.

While few signs of Capitalism reared its selfish attitude in the distribution of vaccines in my end of the world, objective reason is stronger in organisation. Had Capitalism dictated distribution, the class structure would have clearly formed the disparity between ethnicity and economic status. And it's a bonus that objective reason is exercised by those that matter.

Karl Marx is subjective materialism, his perspective is a socialist view of material aspects including feelings, senses, wishes, dreams and desires. It is not Socialism. Instead, Socialism is validated by me in the application of objectivism to social development.

And there is no doubt that Socialism is working well in addressing inequality between ethnic groups and genders, but has also developed recognition of those who were discriminated and disadvantaged because of their minority groups and sexual orientation.

Now with urgent demands of Climate Change, Extinction and Depletion; Socialism is not only transitioned successfully, but there is no other choice.

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