When the means sustaining life are scarce, people become vigilant of who's taking more than their fair share.

So in times of drought, economic downturn, famine and virus pandemics; feeling insecure from lack of resources triggers fear, self-interest and protectiveness.

Funny but it's true that folks have fought over toilet paper. I'm sure folks would resolve the issue if they talk about it, but the moment is darkened by the heightened feeling of being left out where fear offset self-protectiveness and defence.

Under the conditions, humans are more likely to share only with those they are closely related with based on friends and ethnicity. You could say that tribal organisations involve keeping others out while the tribal unit secures and indulges in resources.

As the food supply slowly diminishes, the sharing is sorted according to status and competitive claims until it comes down to one for him/herself. And as per nature, survival of the fittest takes all. Then there are other means of replenishment such as invasion and killing. Killing is somewhat justified for the sake of one's own survival.

Organised killing becomes a nations war against another after all, most wars are for the security of resources. Thus if Capitalism is a mode of sustaining the means of survival, then a war for the sake of Capitalism is a war for the protection and security of resources.

It's a marvellous pretext that precisely describes the driving force of human nature. Food is to fulfil a material desire therefore human exists to fulfil his/her material desire whether it's craving for food and drugs or for power and control.

I heard an addict stated that to be out of it is to experience happiness outside the realm of the physical. I'm saying, all he/she has to do is to control his/her feelings and emotions by the use of his/her mind.

That's easier said than done for sure, but a meaningful endurance has taken humans centuries to have mind control of feelings, senses and emotions.

I will make the claim in here that he/she who has the biggest desire has potential to develop his/her mind further beyond the material.

You see, it is human nature to fulfil his/his desires. And human nature is happier if that desire is experienced beyond the realm of the physical. That's mental desire or happiness.

Ok, some would say use your imagination and hence happiness may be, but he/she is not out of it! That's cheating and somewhat generic.

If you were born rich and everything is handed down on a silver platter, I know you'd probably have a top education with shiny qualifications and so on. Still, you might be in a disadvantage when in situations where real life struggles and experiences are genuine knowledge of human nature.

If you were placed in a situation where there is no food or help, can you survive without a major breakdown? How about rejection from employers, from services and from communities that left you isolated in society?

The real experience has driven some folks beyond the mental realm and are never able to make it back. Others are hooked on material desires trying to escape the material world to find happiness in the beyond. Some folks stood no chance when the material breakdown ends the journey.

So when you face situations where you don't know where the next meal is coming from, you would begin to worry and have fear for those around you. When you are confronted with grief and suffering, you are gifted with insight to human nature. And when your situation provides the opportunity to have understanding and insight to human nature, your experience becomes a valuable life education.

Most of all, it opens the window to the beyond and you have a fair idea why folks seek happiness beyond the realm of the material.

When you stop lying to your neighbour, you feel free; when you own up and make amends to wrong doing, you feel liberated from guilt. When you know how it must feel to be rejected, humiliated, loss and grief, you are a valuable member of the community.

But all these values are meaningless in the material world. When you detach the binds of material desires, you are transcending the material world into the mental world.

By getting out of it is a short cut, but it's a temporary measure that depends on repeating the same treatment over and over until breakdown ends in Nothingness.

A mental desire is a quantified principle by deed and practice. Thus peace and prosperity may be expressed in abundance of material resources, but the detachment of their binds to the material is therapeutic exercise to the soul. That should enable practice, therapy or work as exercise of happiness.

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