Status is the position of a person compared to others in society. There are various types of statuses whether endorsed by law or inherited by birth, but My Social Relations relates with Social and Commercial status. The person is accorded esteem and respects by the people because of his/her role in society. And in here I am limited to social and commercial roles of our leaders.

Since human is a warring species, a measure of status associates it with a macho appeal to the observer. There's that metallic shine with a killer outlook as if to say he/she can kick anyone's butt; rob a bank and rescue the cat from danger. Unfortunately, it falls in the superficial category of material desire. And like any other brand, status is promoted and sold by the media, a psychological character of a material culture.

However, to examine the quality of status is to measure the responsibility of one's role or position in society. Society is the social consequences of the organisation of the economy, so we are looking at how effective one's role in the state of society.

There's no secret in our modern society that at the one end is accumulation of wealth among the rich but at the other end is accumulation of Poverty among the poor. The status quo leans to the needs of the rich more than the rest of society, a common value shared by the predominant culture.

The next factor with the economy is its dependence on other economies through trade and exchange. And no matter how hard working one is in maintaining the local economy, it is caught up with global trends such as the current trajectory of Climate Change giving rise to inflation.

For the last four decades or so, our local economy has been run by a monetary system. That means, values are placed on the dollar more than on goods and services. Investments are then placed on the dollar by itself. I have called this a linear abstract economy.

Before then, values were placed on goods and services when farming and manufacturing were making exports and investments were made on goods and services.

When investments were made on goods and services, locals had jobs in manufacturing and farming, their wages helped generate the local economy. When values were placed on the dollar, the nature of work and export depend on global economic fluctuation.

The high dollar may be good for imports as we become consumers to global corporations, but the low dollar impact price on exchange rates. The more abstract or unreal the economy becomes, the more the dollar loses its value and in so doing, the cost of living becomes more expensive.

Only those who have assets and investments make returns as the unemployed among the workers stretch the budget to make ends meet.

And this is where responsibility matters. For the most part, the rank and file of the great unwashed is not of their own doing but largely due to global fluctuations.

For decades, we have experienced right wing tradition to take advantage of global trends to advance the cause of the rich sector. Their monetary policies aiming to maintain commercial status of the rich sector gives rise to social consequences affecting everyone else. The result follows that society has been and continues to separate between the rich and poor.

One living example is the housing crisis. The right-wing party leader has signalled at doing a similar project with Covid-19 by profiting from vaccination. Again, the housing crisis may have evicted the working class out on the street, but paying for vaccination! I wouldn't want to comment further…

We have also experienced the left-wing party not only respects the right leaning status quo, but has continued to fund the rich sector.

Society is already divided by status a ready-made population pool for research and popular polls. Just point at the desired direction that the so-called pollster already knows the outcome.

There is that metal shine associated with commercial or financial status of a monetary system. The appeal is a subjective material desire but the reality is nothingness. That is the commercial status under the current condition is destructive abstract that has not already evicted the working class from their homes, but threaten to deprive the poor of vaccination; the means to sustain their lives.

To rank the commercial status high in ratings is a contradictory outcome when the reality is endured among the homeless, now fear of vaccination deprivation!

Our rational reduction cause in status comparison is a head lead by the left because it not only addressed the social consequences of economic policies among the poor, but has also included free handouts to the rich. The right-wing policies only addressed the needs of the rich while the social consequences were borne by the poor. Clearly, more people in society were accounted for by the left.

However, since A.I. can cover the economy in response to external trajectories and society is already separated by status, that leaves not much to account for the status of a responsible leader.

And that is where the right is true to its linear monetary stand only the people with money matters. The left on the other hand is the party of workers where everyone is treated the same irrespective of difference. And that is where the leader of the left splits the field by years when she is among the people from diverse backgrounds including culture, ethnicity, belief and gender or sexual orientations.

So status depends on one's political position and desires. Status favours the status quo among the predominant culture. But while economic policies and managing social consequences could be conducted by A.I., the leader's outlook of the people is a stabilising force.

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