Freedom is essential for the validity of democracy. Individuals therefore are free to make their own informed decisions. Many individuals of different backgrounds, ethnicity and status make many diverse decisions but the outcome reflects ethnicity and culture majority.

The results usually end up with a majority rule that is; the ethnicity or culture with the greatest number of people. It's an outcome expected under First Past the Post electoral system to suggest there is something not quite right with the logic.

While so-called traditional democratic elections are typical of ideologies and their predominant cultures, modern elections are more about diversity and freedom.

So, if freedom is when the individual's decision is not influenced by external forces and informed is where the individual based his/her decision on his/her knowledge of information, then we have a unique and valid decision. However, we know in reality this is far from the truth!

The outcome is always sorted into ethnic categories; that's; different people are sorted into ethnic categories. It must follow that an experience of an issue such as Poverty is the same as other members of the same ethnic group. So the issue of Poverty becomes the ethnic group.

However, we know this is not true. The experience is unique in each individual. Thus Poverty is shared by individuals from different cultures and status, Poverty affects anyone irrespective of his/her culture.

And issues become a blemish to smear a group.

I have claimed philanthropy to be a good feeling in charity work for others, but not when not so good intensions are hidden behind the deed. And the logic must advance a second tier to disclose the indirect intention.

And we have subtle and smart media in propaganda of such hidden intentions.

Freedom may be perceived in three layers of reality.

  1. One; the Subjective Material also known as Liberalism, refers to dreams, wishes and desires. The individual acts on instincts influenced by desire. Desire is the selfish ambition to gratify own wish. The individual is either not informed or doesn't have what it takes to consider the consequences of his/her action upon others.
  2. Two; rational freedom is also of the material but one that has a valid conclusion. A reduction course that must lead to what's left as the outcome. But if the outcome leads to nothing left or Nothingness, it is the end of the line.
  3. And three; objective freedom starts at the end of the line of rational freedom. The end of the line is the end of the material or physical; to advance reality metaphysical takes over. And this involves feelings and senses, consciousness, mind and body. The outcome quantifies the filtering process of feelings and senses to objective and stable reality.

The first freedom is just existing on subjective feelings and emotions. The second freedom may uphold linear material reality for a temporary time until it arrives at Nothingness, then it recycles to start all over again. If the material has developed the seed of the objective, then the third freedom unites the mind, body and spirit to stabilise reality. If not, then it is caught in the cycle of deterioration.

And as we notice, democracy in the first or second layer of freedom does not compute. True reality is exemplified by objective freedom, but like Poverty and Climate Change, the subtle and smart media of corporate capitalism overworks to perpetuate propaganda of the first and second freedom as reality. And followers are influenced in their decisions.

A characteristic of objective freedom is calmed and doesn't resort to harm but accept others may exist in the first two layers of existent. Nonetheless, he/she must also act to protect oneself from others.

In the reality of the first and second layers, the aspects of cultural and ideological propaganda driven by capitalism is advanced by technology. Where the logic ends at the Nothingness, data A.I. virtual and augmentation takes over.

To impose this technological development, the feelings and senses are altered by artificial perception of life. And this artificial perception involves everything from videos; games; radios; music; news and fake news; talk back shows along with the elements of colour; sound; light; waves and so on.

You are already a target of junk addiction. Your search history reveals your profile and the type of character you are. It is where targeted advertisements are designed to feed your addiction, but this is also used to coerce you into compliance and change your mind.

One of the most effective ways of smart media is the manipulation of statistics with so-called highlight of negative issues to feed the demands and addiction of followers.

And elections can easily be won by media manipulations along with the rise and fall of stock markets. All they have to do is create a dark mood to reflect a downfall, or an optimistic forecast for an upward turn. Volatile unrests and war can be programmed on the fly and activated by the push of a button. And all is possible in levels one and two of material freedom.

True democracy represents a special group of citizens..

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