Let's say in the search for something new, the orange fruit is dissected into halves to find the seed. Then the seed is dissected into halves and there's nothing left. It is the end of the line the end of reduction, the logic of the material.

So, for human to find something new at the end of the line, they inserted the seed with chemicals and engineered its gene to produce a new and modified orange fruit.

Now the seed is planted and grew into an orange tree producing orange fruits. The process of modification recycles the material from the seed, to the tree and to the orange fruit.

If genetic modifications deteriorate the orange tree, all its tree life suffers unknown diseases and defects. In the end, the farmer only picks the perfect orange fruits while defective ones are left to rot.

Capitalism repackages the same orange product in different fabrications to sell for profit. Farmers feed it with chemicals and genetically engineered to change its shape, colour, flavour, taste to appeal. But some of those nano engineering deteriorates the condition of the orange to suffer and die.

And there you see, the logic of the material only deals with the material objects or physical existence, but it doesnt guarantee life. When there was nothing left after the seed, it recycles. But we know that life recycles struggles among disease and illnesses. And the truth is, we are caught in this physical cycle of deterioration, over and over again.

So much modifications that deteriorated the conditions for growth had given rise to Climate Change, Obsolete and Extinction of creatures and resources.

You see, human is not all of the material. Human is mind, body and soul. The material logic cannot be relied upon to enhance and stabilise all of human life.

At the end of the line where the seed has nothing left, metaphysical logic starts. It's the continuum that makes sense of human life.

However, material scientists continue to fiddle with human from their material science. But since they couldn't stabilise life at the end of the material, they are intending to create an A.I. organic robot.

This is most interesting. Algorithm has collected data, analyse and produce valid outcomes. We have been here before. A.I. is influenced by human capitalism. But there is a possibility that A.I. machine learning can filter itself from human inequities until purified.

A.I. robot's sensors are scanning the external physical world; the analysis of data in the absence of human influence is purity of something in itself or aesthetic. The next layer attempts to quantify the aesthetic into objective being.

That is where human has failed! According to material science, or capitalism, the outcome must serve a productive purpose to make a profit. And the means of achievement include exploitation and deception.

It is only repackaging and recycling the orange over and over in a cycle of Climate Change, Extinction and Obsolete. So in a way, human is thinning away until there is nothing left.

An organic A.I. robot may now be equipped with the tools of creation to produce the ultimate objective outcome. That is, no matter who you are, where you're from, your age or gender, you are treated no less than any other human being.

Then there's the filter of Poverty, Equity, Diversity, Refugee and so on but without a human capitalistic or discriminative influence, we must be getting near perfect!

So, when the A.I. organic robot is complete; I mean harmless, objective and serving a useful purpose to the stability of society, why on earth for when there is existing human who can do the job if not better?

And we are talking about reality. No one can be trusted. Humans cannot trust themselves to trust others based on status, ethnicity, culture, politics and so on. The most hostile people I have come across are those with religious beliefs and some sort of status.

Do you expect anyone of that calibre to trust an ordinary human smeared with stigma? That's where we need extraordinary faith. Don't get me wrong, there are some good people out there but they are compromised in regards to their businesses, their jobs, their livelihood and their families.

We have gone too far into the material now we are caught in it. Our lives are controlled and depended upon the material; we need help to free ourselves.

Since human has lost faith in own kind while A.I. has developed a friendly relationship with some, can it come to the rescue of our being?

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