The individual has fundamental rights of freedom, belief and expression of opinions. But the uniqueness of the person is somewhat modified by collective agreements.

A little while ago, I claimed that the outward appearance of your self is your character. Opinions are made of you from what people and devices including sensors, cameras and audio recordings can collect of you.

This data is analysed to make opinions and judgements of you as a person. And your credibility for promotions, opportunities and livelihood etc are subjected to the determination of the above process. This is a material process where data is collected by the senses and sensors.

However, the person is an integration of mind, body and soul. The material process involves only the body or the physical self of the person. But the physical self is an accumulation of wishes, dreams and desires. These material aspects are subjective and cannot be relied upon to uphold a stable reality.

Nonetheless, opinions and judgements made of your physical characteristics of your self, project you as an entity in the material world. And this projection simulates a parallel world to the real.

Among corporate and media entities, your entity or self is manipulated by desires or coercion according to opinions and judgements stored of you. They manipulate and entice you into serving a role in the promotion and consumption of material production.

At the same time, your unique person is a holistic integration of your mind, body and spirit. And the real you is locked within the demands and desires of the material self.

The real you is formed from principles of belief and elements of culture. These elements such as aspirations, skills and personality are linked to your DNA. It is in the blood and inherited from your lineage. The practise of principles of your belief and values of your culture quantifies the real you into being.

I once referred to the above process as fundamental values of your identity (id), but someone has associated it with instincts and desires. But instincts and desires according to me are elements of the material world; not the real.

I have made comments on Conscious Collective and Collective Conscience in the previous two or three articles which suggest that the Conscious Collective is general awareness of the subjective material world and the Collective Conscience is locked in the subconscious. Basically, the entity of the self is taking over the real you.

You see, we are more aware or consciously aware of our material desires than of values. Nonetheless, we subconsciously make rational decisions based on values and principles of the real towards health, life and what is right.

This is the standpoint where metaphysical logic takes over.

The simulated world of the material is where our selves are too busy indulging in subjective instincts and desires. But our real persons are judged by the physical character of the entity of the self.

This is how it appears in the digital world. If 5 million people view an opinion on TV about someone's character, he/she is judged according to the material aspects of the self. But the 5 million viewers don't know anything about the real person within. The opinion and judgement therefore is superficial.

Now then, if the pool of 5 million agree on a popular treatment to correct the character of the subject without knowing anything about the real person, then we have not only violated fundamental rights of the subject, but have also imposed an unprofessional prognosis of him/her.

The Conscious Collective filters the most like and similar or popular opinions as an agreement among themselves. The Conscious Collective shapes the individual's decision. The Collective Conscience is where the individual is led by practical principles quantified into a collective being. The former is a computer mode; the latter is a unique human mode.

The general A.I. analyses of data collected about us forms an external character of the self. It is the digital commercial world of self-indulgent of instincts and desires.

It is a bottom-up development where matters of the mind and spirit are subjected to material solutions. But we know these subjective solutions come to end and begin to recycle struggles of the material over and over. They have failed to transform life into being.

And that is where the top-down development is founded upon principles of belief and elements of culture is established upon the human DNA.

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