First, reality consists of mind, body and spirit. Existence by either the body or spirit alone is linear and subjective. A linear subjective existence of either element is hostile and lacking objective purposes to stabilise itself. And reality is the closest objective intersection of mind, body and spirit.

According to Marx, social relations is the milieu of subjective material existence. My Social Relations in here attempts to validate linear subjective materialism to objective purposes towards the stability of their social organisation.

My Social Relations is a Philosophical Methodology used to analyse social phenomenon. These are social events beyond the boundaries of the material, our so-called physical world. It adopts the holistic and fluid philosophy of reality.

Normally in our so-called material reality, our senses gather information from our social environment. This information is analysed by our minds and modified to direct a course of action, usually according to the rule.

During the course of time, material developments have advanced and have corrupted the mental modification process. Feelings and emotions are left to dominate and overwhelm the functions of the mind.

In the absence of the mind, action is motivated by aspects of feelings and emotions to strive for the things we desire. These aspects such as wishes, dreams and desires including addiction conform to the maintenance of existence of the material alone.

Dominated by feelings and emotions, the individual mostly recognises own self, lacking communal awareness. It is therefore motivated to fulfil own selfish desires. Its tendency to indulge in selfish desires makes it susceptible to illness and destructive behaviour. And the material existence is caught in a subjective cycle of deterioration.

The collected elements by the senses accumulate to form the self. The self is constructed upon aspects of feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions give rise to the soul. Since the soul is unpurified subjective materialism, it is caught in a static cycle of deterioration on the plane of Nothingness. It has no inherent properties to see beyond.

However, I have added the concept of Objectivism to filter the subjective material entity in order to stabilise its existence. The individual is safeguarded within the framework of this social organisation.

On the one hand, the methodology is natural in stages of growth from childhood where behaviour is dominated by feelings and emotions as our minds are in developmental stages. And on the other hand, our feelings and emotions became too powerful in the domination of our action and for some seemed to spend a life time under the spell of material desires.

Nonetheless, the introduction of Objectivism enhances the function of the mind to balance mental coordination with the material or with feelings and emotions.

In the reasoning process, Pure Logic analyses the material in a linear process. From here to the metaphysical layer, the filtering process is also a purification process. The material element is purified in order to elevate into objective outcomes. And this process is quantified by the practice of pure principles. The practice aims to change the subjective elements (material behaviour) from selfish ambitions to (communal) objective purposes.

The natural process involves the conscience in sorting out what ought to be right from wrong. Objectivism therefore sorts out what is productive and useful to enhance health, welfare and wellbeing of the community.

The perseverant practice of pure principles or what ought to be right from wrong purifies the subjective elements. It is where feelings and senses are elevated to intuitive state of reasoning. And the material is transcended into objective being. This is the enlightened state of the soul, the spirit. But this state is not shared by the material entity or self because it is stuck in the dark plane of Nothingness.

It is the process of transcendence of the soul from subjective entity to objective being. That means the entity can elevate by purification from the subjective plane to the beyond. I have thus made a distinction between the unenlightened soul that is stuck in dark and the enlightened spirit elevated to objective being.

Therefore, entities among creatures and robots may have souls but since they are not purified and elevated, they remain subjective in the dark world. These entities can be manipulated by the external world as we have witnessed with electronic manipulation of our brains. They therefore are not independent especially to make informed decisions.

Objective being however; the enlightened Spirit of human, can be explained by the objective process of purification and transcendence.


Philosophical analysis involves logical reasoning: first; the material according to Pure Logic and second; the social according to Metaphysics. Still, the two realities are worlds apart and incompatible. So the natural process of Objectivism had developed a bridge between heaven (Objectivism) and earth (Subjectivism) known as The Bridge of Transcendence.

This is the Crucifixion, the realm of belief. It is where science ends and belief takes over just like the material entity unless it is purified and elevated to enlighten being. Instead, it is caught in a cycle of material deterioration or dark plane of Nothingness.

If that portion of your mind hasn't been developed then you cannot remember anything that's not there.

Meantime, scientists among psychoanalysts have developed a type of remote control for our brain functions causing us to do things we are not aware of. It has classified us humans among creatures, robots, plants and trees on the same plane. But I have drawn a distinction , the spirit of human separated from the soul of material creation. I have also associated the soul with darkness and the spirit with enlightenment.

My Social Relations Website analyse issues of the day and attempt to suggest resolutions outside the material sphere targeting holistic being. Some issues may be repeated and modified as new information is updated.

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