My Social Relations is formed from various aspects of classical philosophy. Social Relations for example derives from Karl Marx; Aesthetics is influenced by Immanuel Kant; Social Reason by Rene` Descartes; quantification of form by Plato; moral and ethical reasoning from the New Testament of The Bible.

Social Relations is treated a single entity. Marx's Social Relations is an analysis of materialism that I have referred to as Subjectivism. By applying reasons from the above greats, material subjectivism is filtered to Objectivism.

This analysis breaks down concepts to its pure form before putting the elements in a logical order to produce a social objective purpose.

Objectivism is the outcome of the above process. And you see, Objectivism is a positive term and it applies to achieve productive, practical and stable outcomes. For example, it is invalid to use objectivism to achieve negative and destructive outcomes. It is therefore invalid to commit genocide to achieve an objective outcome. It is invalid to harm someone in order to achieve peace or happiness.

Thus Objectivism fits in the universal view of events. For example, if Jane feels happy and peaceful harming John, then it must also be good for John to harm Jane. The opposite of Objectivism is Subjectivism.

My Social Relations is therefore a working perspective involve with stabilisation of material subjectivism. Descartes for example reasoned the senses are not reliable to support reality. And he lists dreams, wishes and desires aspects of the senses that are not trusted.

Now, some of the material subjectivism are not physical and tangible. And Kant analyses a thing in itself, and not in our feelings and senses.

There My Social Relations departs the physical plane to abstracts and phenomena to perceive metaphysical concepts. The social dynamics and phenomenal relations are quantified by objective form in the achievement of productive purpose in life. And My Social Relations acquired a source of social behaviour.

You see, My Social Relations is a perspective influenced by the greats through my experience. This is like I'm standing on the shoulders of the ancient greats.

And having said that, I don't feel the need to reference everything I write when its influenced by ancient classical philosophy. It's an art!

Karl Marx
May 5, 1818
March 14, 1883
428/427 or 424/423 BC
348/347 BC
Jesus Immanuel Kant
April 22, 1724
February 12, 1804
Rene` Descartes
Marc 31, 1596
February 11, 1650
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