QUEER NATION13/12/2016

Mr Key had quit before the key-exit trend warms up. While the Western world take exit from the swamp that is nurturing all sorts of PC roots in the establishment, it is also threatening to disestablish any form of regional organisation. This is the movement from global to local organisation, characteristic of a trend from culture to tribe.

In here I have defined culture as the more civil of customs and habits that are symbolised by the arts, literature and social relations where organisation is based on democratic systems. Tribe is the earlier form of the same where the hierarchy is traditionally paternal and organisation is dominated by a majority tribe.

The social trend on the one hand is determined by material populist propaganda and on the other hand is uphold by opposition to the major trend. Trump is the product of this opposition while the Brexit may have taken advantage of the social phenomenon for tribal expedience.

And Bill English while he had rode the wagon of subjective materialism behind John Key, he has now a golden chance to show his true colours - not without critics and oppositions.

I think Bill English should establish his international relations sooner rather than later. His ideal social conservative background is compatible with both US and China to date and while the mainstream media might favour US in line with the West, China is a greater trade partner.

However, China's progress to the West has hit a bumpy road and not much is expected. But a diplomatic journey could be appeasing to the housing market and land ownership as well as social capital. NZ being neutral, he is basically trying to slow down some of John Key's social exchanges. China is crucial to the global economy and we could be picking up the spoils of US vs China trade war.

While English may have let some of the traditional held beliefs slide the liberal way, it is still the better option than his predecessor or any other in the house. However, it is the more stable of both worlds between tradition and modernity can offer.

A word of warning though, the push to raise the retiring age is only staged by a small unelected interest group. Labour had discovered that in the last two elections. Even Mr Key placed his premiership on it. In any way, where are the millions or so saved from pension payment be spent on and why is it more important than allowing people to retire. Surely we must put credit where credit is due and not the pockets of the few. This is an election decisive issue!

Recently, older folks have been rejected by employers and simply cannot compete with younger job seekers. Also, the mortality rate for Maori and Polynesian might mean that some may never live long enough to draw a pension. And Peters has something to say about those who enter the country at a retiring age.

And maybe they could look at free replacement for knees and hips in order to get back to work and substantiate the Health and Safety at Work Act.

On the one hand, the social housing crisis involves with homelessness and unaffordability. And on the other hand the housing boom is a linear material abstract. Key had campaigned on prompting the latter as the driving force of the economy. But it has run its cause and could collapse anytime now. It is timely to add value by addressing the social housing crisis. And this should stabilise the linear material abstract by a social objective.

The balancing act is attempting to concrete a stable foundation for some of the linear material abstract developments. Trade and developments for example must sustain jobs locally and profits the local economy.

The social consequences of linear material developments have been overlooked by John Key's government ever since taking office. Such that Mental Health and suicide have topped the world, the same time funding for social services have been reduced or terminated.

300,000 children living in poverty is serious concern for the social consequences of economic developments. While the housing boom profits for the landlords and corporations, unaffordability is borne by ordinary folk who work two jobs but still couldn't make ends meet.

These folks are trapped in low maintenance abodes; the bedrock for communal disease such as asthma and bronchitis. Stretching the budget is also responsible for buying cheap food with no nutritional value and only developing obesity and diabetes.

I'm sure the PM's wife would have informed him of the diseases but these are the issues we have raised ever since John Key was PM.

Notice however that the Police are going easy on P users and have promoted rehabilitation instead of punishment. Now does that mean it's ok to cook up P and party at large? Not to mention the consequences under the influence?

Why are the Police employed to serve addicts and drunks at the tax payer's expense? If a 65 year old folk is expected to work til death while some young folks gets a free ride in the police wagon to rehab, hello get real bitch!

That's the linear material abstract economy under John Key. It had disestablished the family and their communities. It is time to put back some social objective developments and have New Zealand restored to her nationhood even with gay and lesbians.

There is also room to revisit the Employment Law to allow negotiations of individual employment contracts. It must place an objective human value on top and not the culture of work or the product. The 90 day notice has been known to be taken advantage of at the expense of the individual. It has allowed nepotism and polarisation to decide one's compatibility for work while at the same time his/her credentials is ignored.