SHADED SOUL 25/11/16

Donal Trump needs a grounded intellectual like a social objectivist in his team to help drain the swamp. A sociologist involves him/herself in quantifying social phenomenon. A social objectivist seeks to quantify social phenomenon into objective outcomes.

President-elect Mr Donal Trump talks about graphic images of the landscape in a metaphorical analogy of the swamp as a negative force drowning out positive growth.

The swamp is a fertile spot for growth, but Trump suggests undesirable growth has taken over and overwhelmed nurtured growth. A Trump-filter therefore is put in place to sort the objective from the subjective.

He speaks the language of visionaries using metaphors but with practical objectivism. While the vision is abstract, there is hope of practical intend in the outcome. It is achievable, practical and contingent. After all he has proven it himself to have successfully waded through the sea of subjective adversaries.

The logic of Objectivism serves to quantify implicit aspects of intended ideas and their projections.

For example, it is generally believed that the influx of immigration has bred criminal behaviour among the communities. This is especially targeting refugees from Muslim nations.

Now if the swamp is like a nursing field for bedding young growth and Islamic influence has overwhelmed the nursery with own ideologies and beliefs, then Trump has every right to protect not only his interests but those of this country. A Trump filter may include a wall to keep out illegal immigrant and a statement of belief may also serve to identify incompatible personnel.

I think the definition of terrorism includes acts of emotional, social and psychological harm to achieve a political task.

At the same time, Mr Trump has to distinguish genuine refugees from those seeking economic opportunities and particularly those on a mission to colonise whether by acts of violence or by media and emotional propaganda.

I still hold Trump to fulfil his promise to get rid of terrorism as a task. But how can he do this without hurting the real victims of war and natural disaster?

While Trump's revolution aims to win back local sovereignty, he faces feminist militia adversarial propaganda to add to his filter of terrorism. Then again, he also has that UN agenda of advancing the cause of refugees from Islamic backgrounds into Christian traditional nations. Is this a deliberate fusion to diminish religious principles in the way of advancing Western liberal materialism?

I have said earlier in another piece that the Trump vote attracts the intellectual vote of the silent majority. This the voice of reason for as opposed to the popular vote of emotional subjectivism.

As it is now, we have a chaotic confusion of social organisation. We have a UN agenda of uniting the world upon the ideology of linear liberal materialism; we have a popular emotional subjectivism; we have an Islamic fundamentalism colonisation competing for the right to rule local sovereignty.

However, this nation leads the organisation of the global market which is united by a network of trade and exchange dependencies. US itself is conditioned on monetary ties with the world that it too has to obliged to external forces.

The US has been fighting a long battle to be unilateral in own decisions, but every time affecting other nations. Whether President-elect Mr Trump can ignore this push and pull relationship with the world can be reflected on the highs and lows of the dollar.

However, I admit that I would rather be in unity with a conservative organisation upholding social objectivism for society rather than a chaotic one that is led by emotional expression of material desires.

So, in my own filter of the soul, subjective materialism is purified to transcend the material soul into being.

Recent survey (not mentioned in here) suggests that learning is made easier when the child somehow exercises his/her feelings, senses and emotions at the same time. Hello world, it is witnessed to Holistic development.

While the child hasn't developed an objective mind yet, he/she is getting familiar with understanding his/her relations with the material world.

Now to visualise President-elect Mr Trump's idea of the swamp further, the swamp is a shade hoovering upon a fertile plane for growth. To achieve maximum growth, the shade has to be cleared. And to clear the shade is to provide warmth and light upon the plane of growth.

The shade is subjective materialism of emotional populism including fundamental fanaticism, terrorism, adversarial propaganda, ideologies and agendas; all contribute to the shade.

The so-called diverse organisation of the modern is a shaded soul of subjective materialism.

Children are now learning to integrate their faculties in the study of the world they live in. At the advanced end, the silent majority has made their voice heard loud and clear.

And Trump's filter is removing the shade from the light of growth to stabilise a chaotic world.

Just to remind that Objectivism is neither right nor wrong but completed and lacking harm. The output contributes to the stable organisation of society.

Material liberalism has developed individual (arbitrary) rights to the point of counter balance; it has strived to achieve its goal at the expense and consequences to the harm of the majority.

Her soul is shaded by the subjective addiction to cigarettes. She has bullied, harassed and manipulated her co-workers in support of her addiction while fully knowing that smoking kills and forbidden in a smoke-free environment under the 1990 Act. She is employed to enforce the Act.

You see, her mind is not in sync with her feelings and senses.