DIM LIGHT28/08/17

Note: characters in this story are fictitious and do not denote any person in real life

Somewhere in the old world, living on the street is alternative to home. The contributing factors prompting such decisions are somewhat emotional and confused. It is largely determined by the individual's stubborn sense of freedom; Material Freedom.

It is freedom from responsibility and expectations of a home environment. For a child, he/she has learned in a young age to accept no rules or discipline and definitely no respects for family traditions and their cultural protocols.

And thus the first step for living in a social world is totally rejected at a young age. There goes with it any chance of developing cohesion for communities and their society.

With the help of political lobbying, children have learned from an early age to be individuals just like adults who can do whatever they like.

This misunderstanding is in part due to communications between parents and their children and also influenced by the fact that children are informed of their arbitrary but legal rights to free themselves from their parent's discipline and punishment.

At the same time, parents may have taken for granted that children will always depend and follow their rules. But a child's worldview may see his/her parents as unreasonable and who don't love them.

Armed with knowledge of regulations and advice from the social media, children's world has drifted from their parents. And they have opted to organise their own survival on the streets.

This condition occurs during desperate times of economic deprivation and social struggles. Amidst nights without blankets and shoes, the children notice the cold and damp of the underworld without parental restrictions provides a better place than home.

Nicholas is borne in the underworld to defend himself from the social and environmental elements. He ran away from home not because he was poor or disable, but because he was slightly different.

The predominant culture of the old world imposes a curse on anyone who is slightly different from the norm. Those who are different are considered deviants or defects and are subjected to a psycho battle for survival.

No matter how hard he tries to fit in, Nicholas' background and social status preceded his efforts. But his experience had taught him to modify his identity fitting for a mask of social acceptance.

To preserve his true identity and survive the dominating world of cultural atrocities, Nicholas is drawn to activities in the underground world. While it's cold and dark, Nicolas can see a dim light in every corner. He is set out to enter the dim light and disappear into the unknown.

However for his defects, Nicolas the deviant is dragged into the middle of the arena and stripped of all dignities. He must stand to explicate and defend himself against the might of Venus.

His task is to enter the dim light and escape the old world. Induced with shame and anger at the same time, Nicolas summoned all his generic attachments to preserve his energy and attempt at freeing himself. But if he fails to escape the psycho hold of Venus, he would be sentenced to the land of half-life forever. And he is expected to die there.

However without the aid of generic and digital attachments, Nicholas is gifted with a natural ability of seeing a dim light in the dark. Despite his ordinary human form, he has a hidden extraordinary vision. For every trouble confronting him, he sees a way ahead.

In the dark of the underground world, Nicolas secretly uses his vision to help out the folks. He had saved many children from danger especially from those who capture children and use them as slaves.

Nicholas reputation quickly spread among folks and despite his celebrated status, he is determined to keep his true identity a secret and remain subdued.

Venus is a brutal force for groping the soul. It has the power to decide who must live and who must die. But we also know that mighty Venus is infatuated by a human weakness for love. When Venus falls for someone, the subject of her desire is punished twice as much. This is because Venus is feeling weak when falling for a subject but she doesn't know it.

Humiliated, nervous and angry, Nicholas is soaked with cold sweat as he trembles in fearful anticipation. In the heat of the battle, his world is shattered to a speckle of eternity, burned and reduced to dust. Floating at will, he must attach to a solid platform for stability. But his awareness is a dim light in the depth of darkness.

On the gutter he hears footsteps in the dark; he sees Venus groping the fragments of emotions of the soul. But the dim light screened the dust to purify itself. The separation of the elements from the soul is a battle in mid-air.

Pure light transformation transcends the material to the new world; Nicolas begins to see clearly in his mind.

If you switch the light on, you can see bright light in the dark. But dim light is dull but has potential to see beyond. The pure light transformation has made Nicholas normal to see in his mind what's on the other side. It is there if you shine the dim light into the wall, the wall opens up for him to see the other side. It is no longer a dim light but in his mind.

Nicholas is reminded of home where there's no electricity and everything is stored in the memory. But now he can walk in the dark without trouble even with eyes closed. He has escaped the dark world of Venus and come to terms with his whole self.

In the gutter, Nicholas sees the cold and damp in the background of a heckling wind. It's a lone moment of emotional confusion; trying to work out a plan of escape from Venus. He has transformed his mind to escape from Venus to Nicholas.