Objectification is the deed or act that contributes to the stability of groups or society. Subjectification is the deed or act that contributes to the destabilisation of groups or society. Subjectification is confusing one with technical and complex information. The confusion weakens or destabilises consumer or groups including their families and their communities.

In keeping with the seasons, Summer is usually associated with community activities such as harvest when farming was a family activity. Now production has moved into the warehouse and Winter has become a boom time for Housing, Health and retail corporations.

It's only fair to say that the season of summer is for the community and winter for the corporation. However symbolic of the seasons, summer brings the sunshine and bright colours; winter on the other hand brings rain, cold and darkness.

I am in no way shading a portrait of institutions and entities; they are integral of the seasons.

Well, it makes sense that in the warmth of a summer day people go outside to work the field. And in a rainy cold and dark day of winter they stay inside the warehouse. No sooner had they adjusted to the cold weather than they realised an economic trend in the conditions.

And a developing trend witnesses a relationship between rent or house prices and the weather. But only subsequent to a housing shortage that rent is average during summer but in high demand during winter.

Having said that' it only takes a cold narcissistic capitalist to sacrifice humanity for a housing market.

And so while the winter season reflects social needs in Housing, Health and Power Bills; it is deliberately kept oblivious by somewhat misleading information.

One method of keeping the consumer uninformed is subjectification of information. One example of subjectification is your power bill. Trying to read you power bill in 'economic rate' and 'day rate' to calculate the month is somewhat confusing, or interpretation of information such as 'moving forward' or 'improvement'; they don't make any difference to the final product as electricity is not getting newer or older. Electricity remains the same product while the price is the only thing that is moving forward. In any way, the consumer needs to be a mathematician in order to understand his/her power bill.

And when the consumer is paying three times the rate of his/her normal power bill the same time some poor farm worker is paid a minimum wage of $2 per hour; out of nowhere comes an announcement that inflation has fallen to zero! No figures no reference, only an economic announcement like sacred scripture taken without question.

Now we can add professionalism as subjectification when their word alone endorses a product or a service without verifications. In a sense, subjectification is blind faith.

And this is the trouble with AI or pure logical abstracts. Their reasoning remains subjective in a sense that not all consumers are familiar with technical terms applied to a product.

It does not make the consumer ignorant because he/she has to understand the use of the product before purchase, the same time the producer has to sell his/her goods.

The other form of subjectification is promotion of production that appeals to the senses. Addiction is not an informed decision, so the deliberate targeting for example of children or addicts is subjectification.

Now, when you are living on the street because of the artificial manipulation of housing for a profit, you have no choice. And the problem with subjectification is now fundamental to human rights when individuals have no choice but subject to linear material economic conditions.

Subjective consumerism is capturing a group of people without their informed decisions to consent to the purchase of goods and services. It is artificial creation of material and social conditions for individuals to depend upon. They are manipulated in the creation of economic trends. The shortage of housing in winter for example gives the landlord ultimate authority to dictate the terms and conditions the tenants depend upon.

And this is the same for Healthcare when health surgeries take advantage of the winter conditions to maximise profit. The community card was a safety net poor folks depended upon for healthcare, but now even a repeat prescription is unaffordable. And folks either crowd hospital services or endure a long winter in the cold.

In some cases, the terms and conditions provide the means to sustain a social class of health workers. It is when the infrastructure is artificial that patients are manipulated to uphold an elite class. And this is pure Socialist.

So it is only natural that folks enduring illness on low income are vulnerable during winter season where the conditions are beyond the threshold of reality. According to Capitalism material law and social objectivism, the enduring social condition requires state intervention. And its time winter power boom time is calculated differently from the summer for low income folks carrying illness.

Failure to address this situation is the same as sacrificing humanity for the sake of profit. Especially when technology advances energy progress to wind and solar power capabilities, but corporate manipulation restricts supply to a monopoly.

In here, it is Socialism that is restricting material progress. It makes sense that corporations who ride the socialist wagon are the ones sending you the power bill. They may not own the power lines or power grid, only a corporate entity to supply. These corporations make their profits on derivatives; are likely to charge you for switching the light on and off, changing your supplier, or pay for the invoice and postage. And that is a socialist enterprise.