This research is made available from data available on the Internet. It is analysed according to the philosophy of My Social Relations, the validation of subjective materialism forming objective outcomes to the health and welfare of society.

Addiction is a biological disease characterised by a corrupted mind. The frequent inducement of stimuli has overcome the objective function of the mind. Instead of the mind thinking about adverse effects of addiction, the body feels pleasure by the stimulus. And the good feeling corrupts the mental function of the mind to support the addict in seeking more stimuli as desirable.

The missing link in the ground up process is the objective mode of thinking.

Addiction is developed overtime from frequent exposure to high dosages of addictive stimulus such as food, alcohol, drugs, gambling and sex etc..

The desirable feeling has superseded the realisation of consequences of his/her behaviour. Even traumatic effects of the consequences including illness and disease, and violence and crime are receded by the pleasurable feeling of the addiction.

The longer the individual depends on addictive stimuli the more the mind is corrupted and brainwashed to support the behaviour. When the individual is using his/her mind to plan out ways and schemes of achieving his/her fix that he/she is surely suffering from mental illness.

Now, Addiction is a major issue in our social environment. Politicians among health professionals have designed a method of reducing harm to so-called addicts. They recommend setting up public stations to provide dosages to addicts in attempts to reduce the pain of withdrawal symptoms. And this method is paid for by the tax payer among victims of drugs and crime.

Furthermore, these addicts are to be treated with love and compassion to make them comfortable in reducing their pain.

I hope I’m not alone in laughing out loud in here! What’s going on? Are we all brain dead with addiction or what...

Let me be frank in here. There is nothing said about drug dealers and distributors who are comfortably hiding behind the method. And these dealers are making a killing I might add. Instead, politicians and health professionals are in fact nurturing addictive behaviour by maintaining the environment for supply. And once more, this method is paid for by the tax payer including those who have fallen victim of drug crime.

A proposal to subsidise treatments for obesity and diabetes is understandable considering food are regulated production. But underground drugs are currently illegal last time I looked. Now for those who are suffering addiction of illegal drugs is a personal responsibility. But these folks are targeted by politicians and health professionals for free treatments.

I don’t expect addicts to logically think about a resolve to their personal problem. But politician among health professionals are somewhat crafty in the so-called resolve.

Firstly, what could happen if addiction is cured? Look at tobacco. When addicts became aware of the consequences, they stopped smoking and the tobacco industry collapsed. But tobacco is now replaced by the vapour industry. It’s not about love and compassion that addicts are spared a fix in social stations is it!

What could happen if a cure to addiction to food and fashion is established? Now you are beginning to see what I mean.

In my previous article, I suggested that rather than criminalising addicts, why not normalise addiction as a means of sustaining the economy? It is then that special units are set up to deal with the consequences. And prison could be turned into rehab stations than penal institutions. We could all enjoy the ride and party all day at the expense of the taxpayer. Maybe in another future development a paradigm shift is evolved when we recover our minds.

However, if you don’t wish to take the ‘red pill’, wake up now and start thinking objective contributions to social wellbeing.

I’m not sure if schools are teaching principles in the development of cognitive attributes and whether private schools are receiving some government funding. But this objective responsibility is looking more like a personal responsibility. This is due to the failure of previous governments to make good of the social consequences of economic development.

So if the government fails to acknowledge social responsibilities, then why not regulate private manufacturers to contribute to the rehabilitation cost. But of course to make underground dealers responsible too, the stimulus has to be legally regulated.

The long term effect of addiction is passed down to generations. Parents who are hooked would have their children born with the braindead gene to raise a generation of zombies. Now I’m not sure if this generation has the brain power to offset a paradigm shift but as it works out, both shift and not shift transition another descend of the spiral.

So if addiction should be controlled and those wishing to become fully functioning humans again can be rehabilitated by holistic therapy. It works to restore the mind the same time subjects relearn practical steps back to normal behaviour.

Remember the good feeling that corrupts the mental function of objective thinking as the addict seeks more stimuli as desirable; now the missing link can be restored in a practical process of holistic therapy. The mind works out objective ways of achieving health and wellbeing to balance with a good feeling in the physical condition.

I think that pretending that everything is under controlled is more harmful than regulation. At least in open sufferers among victims are at least protected by law and depending on government in place, they might receive public treatments.

Come to think of it; why not let landlords contribute to housing the homeless since the regulated housing market is responsible for unaffordable housing? It is their social responsibility to have exceeded costs over normal rate of inflation. It is economic criminal just like underground dealers. The poor ordinary folks endure the social consequences.