Desperately looking for that nice rounded Font; not too curly where its ripples fade in some formats, but common enough to be readily available even for the older browser.

There is always something not quite right about size; it’s either too tall to distort its height proportions, or too fat to offset the same sideways. Then the gaps leave too much white spaces in between or before and after; the whole paragraph is not quite right.

It’s not a prejudice against fonts, it’s rather and artistic look at presentation for the sake of the reader.

And the contrast is very important that the background is not reflecting too much light or too bland for opaqueness. You know the 3D presentation that makes the eyes happy.

Have a thought for the reader. He/she should not stretch his/her eyes trying to read for it makes the whole environment of presentation. Trying to read those tiny prints in web pages and diy instructions is painful. Small print is not good for your eyes!

When the whole picture looks attractive, even a dull piece makes interesting reading. BTW, the font I’m using is called ‘Meiryo UI’. It has that imaginative thing about its name.

Whatever, what has this got to do with teacher shortage? That’s the whole point. Human!

If fonts were children, notice how natural prejudice is at work without effort. Poor kids are already categorised according to specific whims. And some students are disadvantaged for natural features, something they have no control over.

Yes, there are teachers like that but I don’t know where they are. I know one Maths teacher who plays the guitar and man do we ever look forward to his lessons. I also favour the teacher who often breaks into a story to demonstrate his lessons. They are the best teachers ever: one is a ‘peace-corp’; the other a priest.

Ok, now to deal with the issue of disadvantage because of features and cultural difference in the classroom is to remove prejudice and prejudgement from human. But the point is, it might not be possible to be naturally human without the social tools of sense awareness.

Prejudice inference from political and cultural whims are somewhat difficult to deal with, but can be controlled. I know, that’s why objectivism is a nice term. Rather than making a mess of subjective aspects associated with personal stuff, the senses are redirected in an enjoyable way to produce a practical outcome.

Some children would influence the way they learn about others in the classroom. And sadly, that is the end of education for some while others are transformed into proper little prats. Those in favour of whims however cruise through the terms.

In my experience, political association of gender and cultural expectations are major obstacles in the classroom. And success seems to be determine by how one fits in with those protocols; the hidden agenda.

That is why alternative providers that seem to address the gender and cultural politics of education is crucial. However, we have witnessed some private providers have their funding terminated for one reason or another. And students whose needs are not met in mainstream are further disadvantaged for reasons beyond their control.

A great part of learning associates with feelings and emotions. But feelings and emotions are summed up from sense awareness of the social environment. These are tuned in on rewards for success and sadness for failure.

Can we be impartial to celebration of success or lamentation of failure begs the question for culture. And before we know it, the whole shebang has potentials not only to bring down cultural civilisation but also the fundamental basis of what makes us human. The senses!

So, if subjective aspects in the likes of gender, culture and politics thereof are to be culled from education then there is no other way than programming robots to deliver teaching.

You see, I have warned of ‘Thinning’ development deriving from material liberalism. It strips the values of our humanity and replace them with material subjectivism. To replace human teachers with robots is the very point of achieving that thinning process. It is perhaps fast forwarding material liberalism in stripping off our senses before feelings and emotions to arrive at Nothingness.

We cannot be fully human without the basis of development, the senses. At the same time, we have allowed our sense awareness to overdeveloped and have structured walls between us. These have been identified in the modern as gender, culture and their politics. It has become a weapon of social destruction.

And this social poison can be removed by programming robots to deliver teaching. But at the same time, students brought up by robots may not equip with appropriate emotions of a civilised culture. So long as one culture feels the need to assert itself over others that there is no other way than put up with inequalities and separation. And the ideal for equality is just another abstract.

Lately there have seemed to be more accidents whether on the road or at sea. Irrespective of background, I think the cause has something to do with thinning. Those who’s reasoning are dominated by material desires have too much to think about. They prioritise their needs and wants over others and general safety. Others who’s reasoning are objective prioritise others and general safety than themselves. These are the type of people you can trust to drive and take you fishing.

Overall, teachers among residents who practice objective reasoning make good citizens.