HADES 08/05/18

Is this the pale horse of the apocalypse or is it history revisiting us but Hades, the mighty god of the underworld is symbolic of the economy supported by subjective materialism. Secularism is the ideal environment for this phenomenon.

A little while ago, man's fundamental duty was to maintain preservation of his/her life. For some it's their natural born right to assert authority over others in the possession of the means of survival. Also implies he/she has a right not to incriminate oneself in the process.

And this has produced the strong who survived the battle of the jungle. Collateral damage was vindicated under Colonisation. Their rule is dominion over the land overseeing colonised humans among animal species. Well, the basis of capitalisation of the material means of survival became a lifestyle for the strong and privilege.

Today in our so-called modern world, the same old story is alive and well in our lives. The rich and strong continue to dominate and determine the meaning of life for everyone else. And whatever means necessary for achievement, they have the 'might' to determine what's right.

According to the Ministry of Health: sited on Stuff News; there were 33,342 deaths in 2017 the highest rate in 25 years and climbing.

Why should we be concerned when the means of maintaining life prioritise the material economy before the quality of human life itself? The findings bode well with popular opinions should we all be non-thinking units of material production. And I'm sure prophets of population control welcome the news.

For us subjects, it is generally understood that when the economy is growing that jobs would be created for everyone to help themselves. Therefore one expects to have a fair chance to provide for his/her family. But this has further denigrated us to low paid menial jobs as our lot is trickled down from the top where the bulk of economic gain is shared among the strong and rich.

Reality for us therefore is learning how to live life of struggles. It is learning to live among the subjects; the sick and poor. It is learning how to deal with stress and depression; learning how to cope with greif and sorrow. It is a place where death is a common occasion, therefore learning how to live with death.

Now in our reality, we are living in an era of the modern called Secularism. It is where modernisation is social organisation of society in the absence of religious influences. I'm sure the term doesn't imply for us to become non-thinking subjects of material production and animal creatures among plants and trees.

In the absence of God, woe to the days of old are here once again! But this time, we have somewhat developed a sense of being since last time God was here. We have developed awareness of feelings and emotions shared with families, friends and loved ones. We experience a shared presence of decency, normal and respectfulness as natural. We demonstrate as values in the way we treat others. And we know from experience that it's good and right to treat and be treated with dignity.

In fact, Secularism demonstrates a milestone in human development that we have reached an era of growth, maturity and independence where we could be trusted to progress on our own accord.

Unfortunately, when human has an opportunity to make something of the living, he/she instead makes a god of the economy. Then he/she piles up human sacrifices at the feet of the economy. The economy thrives the same time human life is deprived.

The emergence of Secularism had somewhat liberated the individual to claim possession and assert his/herself upon others. And the ever familiar battle of the strong have individuals imposed their presence upon others; children over their parents, women over men, gay and lesbians over everyone else. But the most degrading of values is the anti-religion movement that undermines humanity. They blame religion for any positive human development thus stagnating human progress.

This transition in the hands of old gave rise to the emergence of the privileged. But here in the modern, some have felt rejected and feel insignificant with themselves. They become severely depressed with their families, culture and bureaucratic organisations. They among the vulnerable have become invisible and for some could not stand it anymore end their lives.

The consequences of economic progress of old did not make any difference then, it is not making any difference now.

Other causes of death are heart disease, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, smoking, diet, and depression. There is no doubt that we die in due cause. But some have found it easier to die than to cope with life without God.

The evidence is overwhelming in favour of the material economy. People have struggled to sustain a living and when all else fail, the economy ends all living.

The major causes of death last year were Cancer, Heart Disease and Road Crashes. The year before had suicide a prominent cause. There were also deaths caused by the common cold.

In the most advanced state of materialism, we have somewhat developed a death character. This is adopting modern ways that are lacking in exercise, neglecting health duties, maintaining a poor diet, increase in the course of therapeutic medication etc., that have made individuals vulnerable to diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases; the major causes of death. At the same time, technical bureaucratic administrations in services have made it stressful and depressing for individuals to access the means of maintaining their lives.

Material progress has advanced the means to die. It has opened new ways to release diseases and risks that we are not informed of. Yet the economy comes before healing.

Of long ago in a period of darkness, life was prioritised the fundamental meaning to existence. Today in the modern where material progress has advanced the economy, death is ever closer to humanity.