A NEW SENSE28/02/19

New Sense

Parting of the Red Sea allowed Israelites to escape slavery. In here, parting of the divide opens the cracks of doom. For the Red Sea, it was the rulers who perished; for the modern divide, it is the poor among workers and consumers alike.

So what happens when the government in place is undermined by the predominant ruling class and rendered Democracy null and void? As we speak, nations across the globe are engaged in conflicts and war. But as for us down under, its mental illness, addiction, violence, crime and suicide. Statistics are stagnant on those social facts.

The social consequences of forceful impositions are forced inwardly. For example, we don't have equal access to resources to improve our education and access to better paid jobs. Because of the lack of education, we are disadvantaged. And low income maintains our position in Poverty.

We are forced to accept systemic consequences as our responsibility. And folks are shot down and discouraged from expressing their struggles. So they swallow their emotions inwardly. And they suffer internal illness that are manifested through alcohol and drugs, spurs of violence and eventually mysterious effects.

If the social consequences of forceful impositions are taken outwardly, the people in expression would fight back resulting with unrest, conflicts and war. They express themselves in the cause for war; there is a value worth fighting for.

Freedom from domination.

While we are not armed with weapons and the likes, we are in fact engaged in war; the struggle for freedom. It's not as if we are tied down and locked up after a day's work for nothing. No, in order to survive, we have to think of ways that conforms our feelings and senses to the material. In so doing, our mind and spirit are neglected as our feelings and senses are over developed by materialism.

We want to free our real person from our material self, but the material system in place does not help us. So in a way we seek a way to free our minds and thus free ourselves.

The Liberal ideology led the liberation of women and children from tradition but only freed them to be bound up by materialism. Now hooked, women and among the young cannot see themselves for the image.

And now you know, the image consists of subjective material of the self. And the self is perceived by your senses while locking you the real person in it. And you become a prisoner of your 'self'. The view from within the phenomenon is a helpless soul struggling to be free but the image is a willing soldier of the ruler for he/she fulfils the sensual desire.

First we have an internal struggle between the phenomenon image and the conscience; second we have an external struggle in our social existence between the mind and politics.

As it happens, we don't stand a chance against the might of the ruling class and all its resources. It doesn't matter how water tight right we are, the predominant force has and will continue to shoot us down right or wrong.

The top down approach has also proven ineffective by the US President Mr. Trump in avoiding the truth. And if facts and truths don't work then its business as usual for the dominant class while we can keep on taking incoming hits.

That is why we have to drive from the ground up. Unity in numbers and diversity in values can expand our move forward.

You see, the top down approach is sanctioned by a value principle and we act accordingly. The trouble is, principles are trumped by majority rule. However, the ground up approach expresses how we feel and think. That is, we are proactive participants of the values we believe in. Again, we are exercising a fundamental human right, we are doing what is materially, emotionally and mentally right. it is a greater right!

A factual issue of climate change is an excellent anchor for Equality and Diversity for whatever happens, we need a planet before anything else. 'Why bother to learn anything in school if politicians won't pay attention to the facts' - Greta Thunberg. The older generation don't care about the environment let alone the young people and their future.

We also know there are organisations and institutions are agencies of control where only certain ethnicity and gender participate. These organisations have mastered the imposition of material attachment appealing to our senses and our phenomenon image. But they only serve to subdue us to the dominant class as units and subjects of materialism.

We want to break away from our self and try to avoid these stereotypical types as conforming us to the ancient predominant ways of contamination and pollution.

As we have learned, parting of the material from the mind and spirit is splitting our person to different entities that lead us to destruction. We are not ourselves in the image phenomenon of the material alone. But unity of the elements strengthens and stabilises our true person into being.

Does this unity of the elements relates to the gender? I think if we are every bit of male and female, by uniting the internal divide may also lead to uniting the external one. And the ground up of exercising and expression of feelings, senses, emotions, mind and spirit would add a new sense in our awareness. A greater sense!