Sounds like a sexy fruit but really is a bitter one!

Now we know why all FTAs must include a section on national sovereignty and security a no go zone. But then a party must provide substantial proof of such invasive intention and not on a hint.

There are some things trade relations cannot compromise. China must understand that these internal matters cannot be bypassed in their trade interest. It's too sacred and sovereign for its people. China must also accept that as a trading partner, NZ is a Western allied. Trade in the modern must respect traditions even if it's only a symbolic gesture.

The 5G technology would advance Huawei over Apple and Samsung in network delivery in NZ. And to take US' side is probably not a smart decision during a Trade War. US itself has no respect for NZ in terms of tariffs and FTAs. In fact, NZ is only a friend but without an FTA.

If the Huawei dilemma was put to a public referendum, it would prove the time and place where we are polarised between the old and the new. As the old continue to unravel, the new has yet to establish roots in development. And transition is the most unstable period of developments.

However, the uncertainty is based on a paranoid hint that China would use Huawei to spy and invade NZ's privacy. Something that 5 Eyes, Google and other Western allies have done to NZ. Why not China? But perhaps the most embarrassing is a $billion damage to trade based on a right wing paranoia!

This is why China must also understand that while physical trade itself is established, it takes a little while longer for the behaviour of the people to learn and fully accept trading partner's cultures. They must learn that trading in goods and services is also trading with culture.

The most important element basic to development is behaviour. We are seemed to be moving forward into the future, but business and consumer relations is based on the old capitalist conservative behaviour. It's all about taking and expect no giving. That's when the old colonised mode is either take or forcefully will upon the defenceless natives. Now they are dealing with super powers, no one gives a hoot, I mean with the ultimate respect to trade, business and cultural relations.

And it's probably not easy to have a trade partnership with a perceived enemy, But that is why trade would bring countries closer together in exchange of culture, goods and services. And this provides for another section of the FTA; that party to trade nations must be responsible for the consequences of their economic action. Climate Change and pollution must be written into FTAs.

It's a new economic thinking to consider the environment, the health and wellbeing of citizens depended upon it.

The previous government had opened immigration to extend the housing market and education industries. And as soon as the immigration door is shut, both the housing and education markets also came to a halt. This I believe is also based on local opposition to ownership of business and land.

The first time I've heard of Huawei's ability to jeopardise national security was from the media. I believe the conservative media with too many resources and influence created the rumour about Huawei, and now it's coming back to hurt business and the private sector; the very people they set out to promote and protect.

I have stated earlier in another article that the social relations of the current economy is generated by the opposition and its supporters; the private sector. It proves that reaction to rumour mongering is dangerous but the fact remains that the economy reacts to opinions and what they say. And this is the favourite objective of the media to promote propaganda of their masters interests. Only now that their private sector has suffered because of them.

So if the economy reacts badly to bad news, then it surely must react positively to good news. But it's hard to know what's good in a toxic contaminated environment which means extreme and aggressive promotions continue to poison the environment.

What then can we do with a minimal consumer market that cannot accommodate for the large business private sector? Do a Brexit and prove the current obstacle to progress and development away from the archive of fossil fuel and carbon sewage of the right wing capitalists among tribe and traditions.

The government has increased wages to bridge that gap, but developments takes a while to establish. Reversing previous years of linear materialism make take a generation for it has entered the blood, the mind and soul of consumers. But being part of changes is rewarding of hands on experience among the young who may still have a chance to take over with what's left of our world.

We have already learned about our new Asian neighbours and integration in our many cultures. It is reassuring to have their mainland culture in contact especially through culture and trade relations with the host culture to strengthen their feelings of belonging in Kiwiland.

If there was a left wing or more central media available, it is likely that promotions would be bang on neutral attraction. Note out NZ is the prefer destination for many 'wanna-bes' and NZ would soon be partnered to many other nations.