Since the media promotes the view of its funder or political association, I would not rely on its arguments at all. Instead I opt for real experience of those who are affected by the social relations of Marijuana.

Addiction is a powerful motivator.

Sugar is dangerous if not more dangerous than marijuana. Sugar is hidden in a lot of treats; food and drinks that we are addicted to. Some young people simply wouldn't be able to cope without sugar. Since sugar effect is responsible for multiple health defects and at the expense of the tax payer, it should be controlled; not criminalised.

The effect of prohibition is demonstrated by addicts of cigarette smokers who are driven to commit serious crimes in the attempt to satisfy their fix. Black market exchange generates substantial profit on the one hand but further crimes on the other hand. By control is appropriating profit and restricting unwanted criminal behaviour.

Is there something else other than the obvious?

Marijuana is placed in various categories for relief of cravings, recreational and medicinal. Instead it is lumped together in the one label of 'drug' and criminal activity under a political propaganda.

Like sugar and alcohol, marijuana consumption is not restricted to a specific group. It has become a recreational product shared by all walks of life.

Incidentally, my job provides me the opportunity to experience public events and activities in various locations. It is then that I am in the front row of observation. For a few times now I have been privileged enough to work at District Courts of sectors considered lower socio economic areas.

I couldn't help but noticed the age group of those who frequent their local District Court (DC) are largely young. They are usually scruffy, loosely dressed, sneakers, sandals or bare feet. Most of them smoke and hanging on to a can of coke or some other juice. There is no escaping the un-kept hair and poor teeth. I have rarely seen anyone bringing in an energy drink except for those who seemed to wear the same fashion but somewhat deliberate.

They are familiar with the location and process, they know the staff including lawyers, parole officers or corrections and registrars. They even speak the legal jargon.

Yesterday it was approximately calculated that 350 persons entered the premises, a number considered not bad for a quiet day. Well it gets busy from nine til about two, but those in the cells might have to wait a little longer.

Let me take you into a reality. The young father is in the cell, the mother and young doesn't know what time he is supposed to appear. But she turns up before 9:00 with two little children to support and maybe bail him out.

She is not the only one, and they all seemed to know their way around the place. The shocking discovery for me is when I noticed the children playing outside and are having fun! But come 2:30 in the afternoon, the young mother is now tired and frustrated with two tired children. I felt the responsibility to hurry the process, but you know; no such luck. They are dark in there, darker than robots.

Among the queries were adoption, or relative taking another relative's baby because he/she is not well, and parent is dragged through the process to provide support. From what I gathered, it's not so much of marijuana or alcohol consumption but the means of possessing them. And you know exchanges in the underworld is not exactly economic productive social relations.

For sugar you would probably endure obesity and diabetes but for marijuana it's how you get it or how much have you got in your possession.

However, the dark truth is when they enter the system, not only their freedoms are restricted but also they get to pay fines. These folks are already poor and they do have problems finding transport to the courts. Notice the Lime Scooter, I thought it was funny! They have families of their own and have serious housing issues including home budgeting. But when they leave the court, they would have another $500 or more added to their budget. And this problem is quantified into a dark reality.

This is the group represented by adverse social statistics of Poverty, violence and crime. And to impoverish a poor family by a further $500 more explains the plight of deprived children living in Poverty and associated escalated social consequences.

At 350 and $500 a head a day is a substantial amount extracted from those who least afford it. But notice distribution is a stark contrast between the races. Professional services among elites are connected to the system for referrals and further consultations. And there the local justice socialist system is upholding the social structure upon racial lines!

An established legal firm involved with the local DC has a major conflict of interest when its clients are local to the area. Their role and engagement in the debate of social and legal issues can easily target a sector for its own economic interest! And to have a politician push the same line just add to the dark justice of the underground world…

Freeing chains and bracelets from binds of criminalisation is liberating the mind from the dark justice of their oppressors. I believe there are existing voluntary services targeting this sector for Training and Education. With time, experience and rewards, the bottom up approach is key to reverse the mental effect.

Its time these socialists find some other source to support their lifestyles, maybe white collar crime!